Friday Five: A Day in the Life 5 Things


Hey, hey it’s Friday! That means it’s Friday Five Link-Up hosted by Courtney, Mar, and Cynthia.

For their rules and list of future topics click HERE. One of the best link-ups hands down. These ladies rock!

Today’s topic is a day in the life, 5 things about my day. Well, I’m not too terribly exciting and my life can run a bit mundane…I’m not climbing Everest, trekking the great Sahara, saving lives, or hiking in the Amazon…

but here’s a few things that I have going on:

1.) Getting little D prepped for his first 4 miler this weekend with SMART Boys and I will be running and coaching our SMART girls at the Oscar Blues 4 miler! This is one of my favorite races. The husband will be running to see how far he’s come and test his speed and I will be volunteer racing with my girls. It ought to be a beautiful day.

2.) Running. Duh. Easy 6 today.

3.) Study time. I always make time to squeeze in some NASM study time. Less than two weeks away from the big exam! o.O I am so looking forward to starting a new chapter in my life. I can not wait to start helping people achieve their goals! I feel like motivation, inspiration, and encouragement are my callings in life and what better way to do this than to help others on their fitness/wellness journeys? It’s something I am truly passionate about. 

 4.) Food. Food is always a big part of my life. Yup.

5.) Favorite time of day…tea and tv with my honey! I always look forward to unwinding with the husband at the end of each day with a cup of hot local tea from Spice it to a Tea and our favorite tv series on Netflix, Bones. We love supporting our local businesses and she definitely has the best loose tea hands down.

So there it is in a nutshell..running, food, more running, and hot tea. Mind blowing huh?

Oh, and if you will, go over to visit Melanie at Runner Girl in a Rocking World and give her some love! She’s running marathon number six this weekend!! Go Girl! I know you’ll rock it!

Are you racing this weekend? Are you a loose tea drinker? Favorite Netflix tv series? What’s a day look like for you?

blessed and beautiful running!



12 thoughts on “Friday Five: A Day in the Life 5 Things

  1. aw, you’re super sweet – we love our linkup!! thanks for joining us. I’m not a loose tea drinker (no patience) but am a big tea fan as a means of relaxing (strictly coffee during the day!) but peppermint is one of my favorite evening rituals!

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