Wisdom Wednesday: NEVER, Ever Give Up.

pressonnevergiveupIn short before I began my 10 miler tempo run this morning I was feeling exhausted. Wasted. Bloated. You name it. But I have a goal. And I keep the end goal results burning in the back of my mind. Especially on days like this. You HAVE TO HAVE TO HAVE TO, look beyond today. Beyond this moment. Because moment pass quicker than we realize and suddenly we find ourselves often where we don’t mean to be, because we quit. We give up. We “promise” ourselves we will do it tomorrow. Living in the moment is a good and beautiful thing. However, if you are living in the “I feel like crap and I just don’t want to do anything” moment then you better get out of that quick. And one of the best ways to accomplish this is by fixing your eyes on the prize. Look past the tired, the sore, the clouds, the humidity, the cold, the heat, the you-name-it-whatever-it-is that’s holding your motivation hostage and get after it! Now we all know if you are experiencing genuine pain then STOP and rest. That’s a whole other can of worms we can dive into another day. But for today I tell you, I got up and ran my ten miles, started out feeling a little rough, picked up the pace, began to realize that I was going to finish strong, and at the end of it felt like a champ. Because I chose to get up outta my funk.

How do YOU #PressOn? TWEET THIS.

Press on. Fight the good fight. Remember the why behind your mission. YOUR moment is coming!

How do you #PressOn?

blessed and beautiful running.



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