Wisdom Wednesday: Go With the Flow

If you read my post this past Monday then you already know that I tend to struggle with the whole “going with the flow” thing. I need schedules and organization and God help the soul who interferes with the plan. Okay, I’m really not that bad. But we are all a work in progress, no?

I had originally planned a 9 mile tempo run for today since it was my only weekday off from work and I would have more time, but after yesterday’s speed session my legs were toast. The wind and warmer temps were also a shock to my system.

photo 2 (1)

Squinty eyes sweaty face cause the SUN is out! woot! Even a short sweaty run is better than no run. And even better than a freezing cold run. 😉

If you’ve followed my blog for some time then you may already know that I am a very salty sweater and need fuel and fluid in my system especially on warmer days. I’ve tried in vain to teach my body to just suck it up and run strong in the warmer temps without much water or fuel by but my body always rebels and shuts down. There are days you just have to re-evaluate the plan and do what is ultimately best for your body. KNOW your body inside and out. There will be days that you will go off the plan. Go with the flow and trust your body. I knew that today was just not the day to push through it. I’ve been super tired lately and feeling fatigued. In taking account the much warmer weather, let’s face it, I’ve been running in nothing but 15-30ish degree weather a lot lately and to suddenly push my body hard in 65* and humid weather just wasn’t the best thing. It takes a certain amount of time to acclimate to new weather changes. And my body seems to be particularly sensitive. But I am definitely not complaining about the suddenly warmer weather. I’m loving it! My body will adjust.

So this short post is just to remind you (and myself) to go with the flow. Ease into the changes that life throws your way and try not to be too hard on yourself and those around you. Life is a lot like marathon training with balance being at the top of the list of importance. Besides if we tried to control everything I’m betting we would miss out on a lot of good that God has in store. Our own planning rarely measures up to our own expectations anyway. Planning is good and productive, just be ready to be open to whatever comes your way outside of that plan!

Do you struggle to switch running gears when the weather heats up? Do you have a sensitive body? Are you able to do back-to-back speed/tempo workouts? 

blessed and beautiful running. 



7 thoughts on “Wisdom Wednesday: Go With the Flow

  1. I’m the exact same!! I have the worst salt beard when I finish running!! I sweat and sweat. I will tell you that I started drinking Essentia (water with electrolytes) and it has helped me a lot!! I drink it more often before long runs. I use it in my bottles on my water belt too.

  2. I’m glad its not just me. Not only did I not think to consider the fact that it was 25 degrees warmer today than my usual runs, I didn’t drink anything before the run or take anything with me. That, my friend, was a bad idea and meant my run sucked. It takes me a week or two to acclimate when the weather changes, too. Not all runs can be awesome though and just means I’ll have to pay better attention to the weather next time 🙂

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