Marathon Monday and March Goals

Good evening friends! I really need to find a better routine to get the Monday post up in the morning instead of pecking it out late. But man. Life. This was me this morning:

except that’s not really me. I have blues eyes and no idea where this meme came from .

I was rushing around this morning trying to get everything done and yelling at everyone who would not comply with my urgent routine. My poor family…type A to the worse degree here! Lunches packed, coffee brewed, get kid started on his routine, get polished for work…except I’m the exact opposite of polished…witness:

photo (2)

crazy eyes blogging and studying away. barely a drop of make-up, hair still wet from this morning in a wad on top of my head, black puffyness under the eyes, no earrings… I always feel naked with no earrings on…

Then I get to work and discover that yours truly will be working late tonight due to a co-worker calling out sick. Life happens. I know. But maaaaaan. Then on the way home to take lunch break part two I realized that this day wasn’t all so bad. Just my narly ‘tude. Even though I was late to work with sloppy hair, it didn’t impede on my ability to rock out scripts left and right. And even though I have to work late tonight it gave me the opportunity to take a second lunch break to squeeze in some additional study time. And the sun is shining. So instead of being boxed up all day I got to see mr golden sun. And at home on lunch I indulged in dark chocolate. That always helps re-direct my negative ‘tude towards more positive vibes. Oh, and since I didn’t get much sleep this past weekend (this almost always affects my attitude…I NEED sleep and lots of it.) and only had time to down one cup of coffee this morning I was crashing…BUT NUUN came to my rescue. I have been keeping some tabs in my purse and thank God I did! NUUN Energy perked me right up. NUUN isn’t just for training. It’s a great everyday hydrating, energy boosting beverage when needed.

nemx promo 3pack 175x150

Thank you NUUN for helping me perk up today…

Silver linings friends. Sometimes, a lot of times, it’s all a matter of ‘tude and your own personal perspective.

There. Now that that’s out of the way…last week I was able to get in all my planned runs but little to no weight training and zero yoga. This seems to be a constant challenge for me lately. So this month’s goal(s):

  1. make that strength training happen!
  2. make time for yoga and unwind time.
  3. pass my NASM exam (EEEK).
  4. stop freaking out over everything.

Here’s my weekly mileage line-up:

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 8 miles w/3 mile repeats

Wednesday: 9 miles w/7@MP + yoga

Thursday: 4 easy + strength training

Friday: 5 easy

Saturday: 5 easy

Sunday: 20 LSD

Total mileage goal: 51

Are you guilty of having a crazy ‘tude when life doesn’t roll your way? How do you get re-focused? How much sleep do you require? Do you feel naked without earrings on? 


blessed and beautiful running.


12 thoughts on “Marathon Monday and March Goals

  1. I love your run schedule! When is your marathon?
    Oh yes, I have a bad habit of flipping out when my schedule gets thrown off. To re focus I need to pray about it and have a mug of hot tea.
    Oh YES I feel naked without earrings! !
    I NEED 7-9 hours of quality sleep at night, but don’t often get it.

  2. I’ve got to get at least 7 hours of high quality sleep every night. Otherwise, I don’t feel like I’m giving my best at work or in my workouts. Speaking of workouts – you’re getting in some pretty serious mileage there. Wow! Good thing you’ve got some Nuun to help you out. I haven’t tried the kind with caffeine yet, but I need to get some asap 🙂

    • Thank you! I’m really working hard towards achieving a BQ!! I’m about the same needing at least 7 hours but I seem to only squeeze in 6 most nights. Makes me cranky. Not good lol NUUN energy is good stuff though. I prefer the cherry limeade flavor. It’s my favorite!

  3. I can completely relate to this feeling! Sometimes it’s so hard to go with the flow when life throws curve balls.
    Running really helps me refocus.
    I sleep around 7 hours a night.
    And, I always wear earrings:)

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