Marathon #MotivationalMonday: Slowin’ my Roll + #IRun4 Love

Observe & Enjoy. Something we need to do more! Photo Source

Happy Monday! How was y’all’s weekend? Mine was a bag of mixed tricks with trail running with a friend plus hubby and kiddo on bike, working at the pharmacy, and working towards my new career! Last week was also definitely a cut back week for me. So much so in fact that I cut back more than I originally anticipated to… This was the first week during this marathon training that I didn’t run my planned total mileage… But as I stated on Facebook sometimes taking unexpected breaks can be a matter of acquiring an injury or building strength. I chose to build strength. Again, KNOW YOUR BODY!! I truly believe your body will tell you when it needs rest. Don’t wait until it’s screaming at you….training for a marathon does require lots of running, but not every one persons body can handle 50+ mileage weeks. Add yoga, cross training, and strength training throughout to stay healthy and strong. Plus, slowing down gives us the chance to observe and enjoy everyday life.

Mommy, Run Fast hit the nail on the head in regards to signs of over training. I suggest taking a peak HERE about what she has to say!

I was starting to feel overly agitated, lethargic, and hungry-all-the-time. That was my body’s way of telling me it needed rest. So I listened and cut it way back. I’d rather take it easy one week than be injured and out for the big event.

We are now only four weeks away from #RnRNashville!!

So what’s on tap this week:

Monday: total rest

Tuesday: 8 miles hills

Wednesday: 10 miles w/8 yasso 800s

Thursday: XT/core or 6 easy w/6 strides

Friday: 7 easy

Saturday: 18 LSD (plan calls for 23 miles but in using my own body’s judgement I’m opting for 18)

Sunday: 6 easy + yoga

Total miles: 55

Okay so this happened today:

#IRun4Dylan #IPray4Dylan

My #IRun4 buddy mailed me a set of custom shoe tags so that he could run with me. I may or may not have sniffled a bit when I opened it… I immediately laced them on my race day shoes.

Hi Dylan! We love you!!!!


We are truly blessed. And today I was reminded again of why we do what we do. My son will run and ride his bike in honor of Dylan occasionally as well. I strive to teach my son what it means to appreciate the things we do have and the bodies we were given. Not everyone is so fortunate to remain in good health all the time. But maybe in their struggles we find that they are indeed the strongest, kindest, and loving people of all. I am proud to be raising a son who is learning daily what it means to give back and love others. Sometimes all it takes is one foot in front of the other and mega doses of daily prayer.

I don’t claim to get it right all the time. I am sure I am the farthest thing from the “perfect parent” image. But there is one thing that is always certain: I love deeply. And I truly don’t care too much about image and what others may think they know. Because at the end of the day I am at peace knowing that I am running this race of life with every ounce of my heart and soul.

And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us… -Hebrews 12:1

Change one life and you change the world.

Have you every cut back more than originally intended in a plan? Give me one blessing in your week!

blessed and beautiful running.


Quick Fit Tip Friday: Accountability = Results!

Hey guys, happy Friday!! 

In honor of my new CPT status I’m celebrating this Friday by offering Fit Tip Friday. Until I decide the future path of my blog I’ll try keeping Fridays for fitness and see how you like it. 🙂

Health and wellness is not a single journey. I mean, it’s a deeply personal journey and only you can control you,  but without friends or family to encourage us along the way it can be a long, lonely, and even daunting journey…making it easier to give up. 

Plug in: accountability. 

1.) Find a trusted friend or family member, let them in on your plan and ask for a little support. You can encourage each other as a team even. 

A personal trainer can help keep you motivated, push you beyond what you thought you were capable of safely and effectively, and offer moral support as well. 

2.) Write out your plan!

3.) Then have said accountability partner call or text you daily/weekly, workout with you, just be there for you, and give moral support. You are less likely to break a date with a friend or a paid trainer!

4.) Celebrate EVERY accomplishment together!! Small or large. 

5.) Regroup when you slide back or have an “off” week. 

6.) Never, ever give up on each other. 

Accountability partners can help remind you that YOU are worth it and that YOU are capable of great things. 


Never, ever give up a dream. Especially if it still burns in your heart everyday. We are not perfect people and there will be those who oppose us, degrade our personalities, disagree with our motives, but at the end of the day it boils down to your heart and soul and what God sees. Pursue your passions relentlessly. GO change the world. You’re beautiful and bold!! ~ Jess 

Do you have an accountability partner? Would you consider a personal trainer or are you a self motivator?

blessed and beautiful running.

Thoughts for Thursday: Say Hello to Your New Personal Trainer + #shoeobsessed

 Hey guys! If you’re friends with me or follow me on Instagram then you may already know that I passed my NASM personal trainer exam and am officially Jessica Payne, CPT!! If you’ve been following my blog than you know it’s been a long time coming. Many people stop chasing their dreams because of the time it takes to get there….but the time passes anyway so you might as well pass it with something you’re passionate about. And my passion is helping others achieve their dreams and goals! t feels so incredible to know I didn’t give up. There were times I thought there’s no way I’ll ever finish this thing…with wedding, working full time, managing a home…you know real life. But this new path IS my real life now! 


we got this. I know y’all have seen this before but I love this pic. His face… game on.

Dreams are possible. That’s one thing the marathon taught me. With hard work and persistence you can accomplish anything. And who cares how long it may take?! This is YOUR journey. Own it. 

So now what? 

  • Well I plan on absorbing as much knowledge as possible and shadowing a personal trainer for a while. I did pass my exam and I am relatively in good fitness shape I respect the fact that I’ve not taught or trained anyone and this is a new thing to me still. We all have something to learn.
  • I’d also like to take on a few willing candidates as guinea pigs and work on creating a resume. 
  • Work in a gym for about a year to get a handle on ALL the different modalities and methods that I can. Pick brains of other PTs. 
  • Work on creating a website for online personal training. 

I’m currently trying to figure out the direction of my current blog and new career path So that’s where YOU come in. I designed this clever little poll to help me decide on the blog aspect anyway. 

Would you like to see:

  1.  this blog continue as it; running, motivation, marathons etc and create an added page for fitness
  2. integrate my new fitness journey with same Flying feet in Faith w/ (FIT) Feet blog and online coaching/training 
  3. completely recreate the website with a new name for the sole purpose of coaching/training
  • a.) flying FIT feet
  • b.) Fit coach Payne
  • b.) fitness with Jessica Payne
  • d.) Payne fitness
  • e.) other __________ 

No decisions will be made for quite some time. I’m just trying to brainstorm a bit and get an idea of where I need to be headed. And what better way to do this than to find out what my audience, that would be you amazing people, wants to see. Thanks in advance guys!! 

On another note, I’ve been breaking in my Mizuno’s Sayonaras for race day. So far I’m really enjoying them. Other than the fact that they are completely Easter egg themed…but as a runner on a budget I found these sweet rides on super sale at FootRx in Asheville, because they were the last pair, previous edition, and in my “long run” size. So I swiped them. I usually like to run in a size half up from my normal 6.5 to a 7 because my feel swell big time when running long and my normal 6.5s seem to to squeeze my feet uncomfortably tight.

Sayonara, baby! I'm hoping that's what I'll be saying on race day to my competitors. ;-)

Sayonara, baby! I’m hoping that’s what I’ll be saying on race day to my competitors. 😉

I had yet to try on Mizuno’s Sayonaras but the reviews were all good. I was wanting a lighter shoe with at least some cushioning for the marathon and once I tried them on they certainly seemed to fit the bill. I love my Wave Rider, Wave Prophecy, Wave Precision, Wave Inspire, but they tend to run heavier, except the Precisions. Good for long term training but I want to feel light on my feet race day. I really liked my Precisions but they no longer make that model. That’s how it goes….a company makes a stellar product only to stop producing to make something new. But that’s cool. I still love you Mizuno.

Some people call it obsession...I call it devotion.

Some people call it obsession…I call it devotion.

Are you brand specific when it comes to running shoes? Socks? Or any other running apparel? Do you run in a different size for long runs? And let me know what YOU would like to see on this blog in the future!

blessed and beautiful running. 


#MarathonMonday Week 12 Trust in the Training

22milerun.jpgHey y’all! I’m working on very, very little sleep today. The kid woke up about 12:45 and got, er, very, very sick all over his carpet floor and bed. So we are sitting at home sanitizing every inch of our home. And I’m praaaaaaaaying that I don’t fall victim to the nasty little tummy bug myself.

I’m marathon training. And my son says he HATES missing PE day!!! (he is his mother’s son) Ain’t nobody got time for dat. Get on with yo bad self buggy boo and get outta here!

I keep worrying (they say worry is a sin. and I shouldn’t worry. but I’m having the hardest time!) that I will have this insanely perfect training cycle only to have something horrible cancel the big race or that I’ll get awfully sick. But let’s pray that all will continue on strong and that my little dude will get better soon. I’ve had him re-hydrating his system with NUUN All-Day hydration. Beats pouring nasty chemicals and sugars in his body! NUUN isn’t only great for running and working out, it’s the best way to stay hydrated daily with necessary electrolytes without the sugars and chemicals so many “sports drinks” offer. So, thank you NUUN for keeping the kid and myself well hydrated and healthy.

Fruit Punch

So here we go…

For the past 11 weeks I have been training hard and blogging every Monday about it in #MarathonMonday. Inspired by  #MotivateMe Mondays with Janice at Fitness Cheerleader and Rachel at Running Rachel I decided to take on my own Mondays and remain accountable during my marathon training with YOU. The beauty of #MotivateMe is that it can be motivation for anything health/fitness related. So if you’re not into the marathon thing head over to #MotivateMe Mondays and link-up! I fully believe that linking up with them back in December helped me achieve my base mileage building phase. So if you’re currently training, fixing to begin, or just starting to wet your feet in the fitness area feel free to follow me as I continue on the road towards a BQ in Nashville this April!

I am FIVE weeks away from the big M-day!

For the past 11 weeks my training has been pretty solid. Hitting all key running workouts, enjoying a few easy runs, getting in strength training, and practicing yoga. I feel pretty confident, but not. If you read Sunday’s post then you know we all have a little doubt that likes to creep in every once in a while. I’ve basically been coaching myself with a plan derived from the Runner’s World Big Book of Marathons. I follow the plan near religiously but have been creating my own paces. In the past I have relied on a book of some sort to tell me how fast I should be running my tempos, speed intervals, and long runs. This entire training I’ve  been going solely on feel and what I feel I am capable of. I’m wondering if how I’ve been training myself is good enough… It would be nice to have a coach to tell me to push harder when needed or rest when necessary but I’m trusting in myself to hit all the right paces and recover smart.

Trust myself. That in itself is kinda scary. But if you’re in tune with your body, it will tell you what it needs.

This week is a cut back week, thank you sweet Jesus! I’ve managed three solid weeks of mileage ranging from 51-60 and  my body is ready for a break from the past three monster long runs.

So here’s the goal training plan this week:

Monday: REST/yoga/stretching

Tuesday: 10 miles w/8 @MP

Wednesday: 6 E w/6 strides (NASM CPT exam day!!!!) + upper body strength

Thursday: 9 miles w/4×1 mile intervals

Friday: 7 E + core

Saturday: 14 LDS

Sunday: 8 E + yoga

Total Miles: 54

How my body is feeling: 

Minor fatigue, soreness. But drinking tart cherry juice has been a lifesaver! NO ibu for this gal. Hips are getting more stable with corrective and strength exercises like clamshells, walking lunges, awkward machine...

What I’m thinking:

For the first time during this marathon training cycle I thought to myself, “I am freaking crazy. I’ve lost my mind.” I’ve put my life on hold for a 16 week training plan just so I can try to qualify to try and run Boston. What am I thinking? I’m not. I’m simply following my heart…. and I fully believe there is a reason for this…eye on the prize. Pressing on to encourage the world.


Do you every question your sanity when marathon training? Do you use a coach or self-coached? Have you ever gone through a stellar training season only to have your plans interrupted by illness or a canceled race? Favorite run or workout this week??

blessed and beautiful running.


5 Spring Favs, OOFOS Recovery Footwear, + a Miracle

Spriiiiiiiing! Yes! It’s here! And our weather has been shaping up nicely. I think the winter weather is behind us. This is how I feel about it: RUN. Running in the spring is like a breathe of fresh freedom air. We work hard all winter to enjoy the fruits of our labor. 

Soooooo… I know it’s Saturday Sunday….but y’all probably know how I operate by now… So here’s Friday’s post plus today funzies. 

I’m always excited about the Friday Five link-up hosted by CourtneyCynthia, and Mar. I just have a hard time apparently posting on Friday… Check out their rules and future topics HERE! The BEST way to meet new fabulous bloggers and give you a blog prompt should you find yourself at a write’s block. 

Today’s Friday’s topic is one we have all been anxiously waiting for, Spring!! Good-bye snow, hello pollen! 

Spring is no doubt a beautiful time of year with flowers blooming and gardens flourishing…however all this can really aggravate allergies and asthma symptoms in turn making breathing while running a bit more difficult. Remember, your body needs roughly two weeks of running outdoors to acclimate to any new climate changes. So give yourself the time your body needs. For additional tips and reading check out PopSugar’s article HERE and Active tips HERE.

Aside from that bit, here are five things I look forward to in spring, especially this spring! 

1.) The kid’s birthday! He will be the big 10! Time flies…

ahhhh. my pride and joy. What a face!!

2.) my husband and I celebrate our first hiking date in May! It will be two years. ❤

3.) Hiking! Waterfalls! Trail running! Picnics! Basically just being outdoors.

4.) Races! Brevard Rotary hosts a White Squirrel 5/10k and kid’s fun run. Come visit us in May.  You will not regret visiting Brevard!

This year we all know I have the Rock n’Roll Country Music Marathon benefiting St. Jude Children’s Hospital in Nashville marathon lined up in April! From the St. Jude’s website:

  • Families never receive a bill from St. Jude for treatment, travel, housing or food — because all a family should worry about is helping their child live.
  • Because the majority of St. Jude funding comes from people like you, St. Jude has the freedom to focus on what matters most – saving kids regardless of their financial situation. (That means your donation, no matter what the size, will help!)
  • St. Jude is working to drive the overall survival rate for childhood cancer to 90% by 2020.

I’m hoping and training hard for a solid Boston Qualifying time. I need to run a 3:35:00. I feel like I’ve been putting in all the work I can. But it’s still a daunting and scary task..The closer we get to race day the more I question myself. Can I really pull off an 8:12 min/mile for 26.2 miles??

runner’s mecca…aiming for a BQ so I can run Boston next year!

5.) Last but not least, new beginnings. Easter. Spring is a time of new chances. Fresh starts after a long cold winter.

Winter is always hard for me…but 11 weeks into marathon training feels harder. I’m so grateful for all the positive bloggers who remind me to press on. Like Jen over at Jen Choses Joy posted about no grit, no pearl. Seriously, go read her post here. Her humor and optimism will keep you motivated. Thanks Jen!

Except we are over half way there! You got this!

Okay so for the fun part of today’s post: OOFOS! Have you heard of this recovery shoe footwear? My hubby and I went downtown for a little shoe shopping. I originally went in for a new pair of Mizunos but found these:


We found them here Sports Spot in Brevard. The owners are super cool and they hands down beat anyone in price!

 I definitely felt the “oo” after my 22 miler even if I looked like ew.

Salty, sweaty, and done.

I only have one more monster run left in this training cycle!! woohoo!

I plan on a more thorough review on the shoe next week aiming for a Tips and Tricks on rest and recovery post for Tuesday.

One last positive note: This past Saturday I was playing around with the idea of not running long. I just didn’t feel like it. I was exhausted. But as I strapped up and went on I kept thinking about my IRun4 buddy…I prayed for him and his family. He’s been in the hospital since December. So I prayed if there was any was that my running 20 miles would get him out of the hospital and home I would run it. So I ran it. I realize in no logical way my act of physically running could rescue him but if I knew it could, then I would run it in a heartbeat. So I pushed through and just kept running.

And you know what?

That very same day he was sent HOME!!! It was a miracle in my eyes. If you don’t run for #IRun4 I strongly suggest you sign up. Your life will be forever changed.

What’s your favorite thing about Spring?
Do you have any Spring races lined up?
Is it hard for you not to second guess your training?
Do you shop local?

Blessed and beautiful running.