The Friday Five Link-UP! Favorite Motivational Posters.


Well hello friends! It’s been TWO weeks that I’ve not posted on a Friday. Gah. Life gets crazy busy. So glad for the Friday Five link-up hosted by Courtney, Cynthia, and Mar. Check out their rules and future topics HERE!

So here we are and I am so ready for some more sunshine and NO MO SNOW! Y’all…for real…the snow has been beautiful, the kid has thoroughly enjoyed every minute, and it’s good for watering the earth so to speak…but I’ve had enough of the treadmill. However, I am so glad my hubby fixed it! Without it this week would have not been as successful with marathon training! Silver lining friends!


Anyway, so this week’s Friday Five is “freebie”. I can post any 5 things I’d like to. So today since I was feeling bummed this morning I’m going to post 5 of my favorite motivational posters. Enjoy!

1.) This picture is from my first ever marathon, OBX Outer Banks NC. As a single parent, achieving a full marathon was the greatest feeling in the world. This race taught me that I could indeed do anything I set my sights on. Now I relentlessly, fearlessly pursue my goals everyday.obx

2.) Strength.


3.) “They will soar on the wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary.” Probably my most favorite.

IMG_15234.) This one reminds me that God has got this and that I can and will finish  my race in victory!


5.) Always be proud of who God created you to be! Every step forward is a step no matter how long it might take you! I recently heard a thought on a podcast that many people give up because the start up of their projects are taking too long. Don’t stop. The time will pass anyway in your life so be proud NOW of each and every little step you take.


That’s it! see you guys next Monday!

What are some your favorite motivational posters or sayings? How crazy was your week?

blessed and beautiful running.



2 thoughts on “The Friday Five Link-UP! Favorite Motivational Posters.

  1. Love those quotes! We had a bad week, my daughter was sick got the first time and she came down with a nasty stomach bug, 2 days later this virus knocked me and my husband down. It was awful! We are all good now, thank God!

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