TNT Tuesday: Journal with pen/paper or Online?! 

peek-a-boo treadmill runner! a new drive belt and a few tools and it’s fixed! 

Okay first of all: our treadmill is fixed!!! Thank the Lord because we are officially half-way through marathon training! How did that happen?! And if you stalk me on Instagram then you already know all about it cause that’s what we crazy social media runners do. We run. Take pics. And post.

Anyway, more snow has arrived! This time we got a crazy amount of the fluffy white stuff. Not icy snow but the real good packing kind. I’m not a big fan of playing outside in it, but I am a big fan of drinking hot cocoa loaded with marshmallows and watching it snow…oh the kid just LOVES it though! I believe he would play out there all day until he turned into a frozen popsicle of a nine year old little boy.

So what then does the mom do on a snow day? Blog about it, make hot cocoa for the boys, and study. I’ve finally made arrangements to purchase the NASM exam and schedule it for the second week of March. Hopefully by this time next month you’ll see CPT next to my name! Feels good to have a solid date set. #progress

view from our treadmill room. believe it or not there is a car outside this window.

So today’s Tips and Tricks Tuesday inspiration is brought to you via Vita Runs for Life and my inbox over at Gmail. Since I’ve registered as a St. Jude’s Hero for the Nashville Rock n’ Roll Country Music Marathon I receive weekly updates and some training tips. This week was about keeping a journal and Vita just recently posted HERE about keeping her journal in the laundry room. Hey, journal when and where you can! I used to keep a pen and book kind of running journal until I discovered DailyMile. There are several reasons for keeping a journal of some sorts:

Logging how many miles you run. duh.

How certain foods and drinks affect your digestive system when running.–I’ve learned that tons of cheese the night before a run usually does NOT pan out well…

How different weather affects your pace.–Humidity is my nemesis.

What kind of music rocks your world.

If you used a heart rate monitor.

Your perceived level of exertion.

Different moods and feelings.

How many miles you log on each pair of shoes. I tend to run close to 400 miles before my Mizunos call it quits.

Running Competitor gives us some solid reasons to keep a written record also.

And the list goes on…

Tracking what works and what doesn’t can greatly help you fine tune your training. History teaches us. I don’t dwell on the past as far as training but I do reference back to it occasionally. But I mostly find that keeping a written training plan for upcoming weeks strongly encourages me to stick with my marathon training. If I see it on paper and blab away about it on my blog, I’m more likely to just do it.

Displaying photo.JPG

this needs to be used more than my pc.

Keeping a running journal also strongly correlates with keeping a faith/prayer journal. By writing down our prayer history we can see where our weakness and strengths are. Where the Lord has improved our lives and rocked our worlds…I’ll be the first to admit that I am not as faithful to keep up with my prayer journal…I have scolded myself on this matter. I think to myself, “If I was just as diligent with my prayer journal as I am on DailyMile, how much greater would my spiritual life be?”

Just allow that thought sink in…

LEARN from yesterday, LIVE for today, HOPE for tomorrow.

My question for you: Do you keep a running journal? If so, is it with the classic pen and paper or more modern take online? I find this blog tends to run as my very personal online training journal some…Do you support St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital? If yes, then head over HERE to send some love their way!

blessed and beautiful running.



9 thoughts on “TNT Tuesday: Journal with pen/paper or Online?! 

  1. Hahaha – that is too funny! Thanks for the link love and I feel you about the snow. Glad to see your treadmill is fixed!! It’s a necessary evil during this insane winter. Luckily I’ve documented it all in my journal so I can’t complain too much about next year… 🙂

  2. I used to do Daily Mile, but I felt it’s just another social media I have to keep updated. So I started to create my own excel sheet and really enjoy this. I’m a number geek and love to analyze.

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