Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Get ‘er Done in Winter


this pic just doesn’t do the hill’s grade justice.

This is part one of our driveway. Parts two and three are impossible. Sooooo we had to park at the bottom and hitch a ride with some four-wheelin’ guys. Interesting evening. I left work about 2 hours early but at this point wish I had home home earlier. As of now, no one goes up this hill and no one goes down this hill.

S-T-U-C-K. I had an eight mile hilly run planned for today. Guess I’ll be playing with the treadmill buttons up and down. boo. And that’s if my treadmill keeps working. It’s getting old and skips on occasion. Can’t imagine that’s good on my joints… but. I’ll do what it takes.

So that brings me to today’s intentional point:

How to get ‘er done in winter when winter is acting up.


IMG_3220 just freaking do it. the jazz working out hard.

I know a lot of you are experiencing massive amounts of snow and ice and have been troopers running in and out of it. But for some, this time of year can really test your inner drive to get up and get something physical accomplished. It’s like this, ohmygosh this cozy, warm bed is sooooo nice and sippin’ on some hot cocoa is what is going on. Yes. This is totally okay and acceptable during winter. But, if you want to maintain fitness, achieve that spring goal you have your sights on or even if you just want to avoid the winter weight gain you can’t be doing that all the time. Talking myself out of sitting around all day takes some work. Especially when I’m snowed in. So I’ve compiled a few ideas to keep you fresh and motivated during winter homebody days.

This is when mind over matter really comes into play. As I’m sitting here thinking about running eight miles on the treadmill I’m cringing, crying on the inside, and begging God to release the sunshine to melt away this frigid land. If I had the proper gear I would be out there with snowshoes on running down the road. But as it is I only have road shoes, only one cold weather layer for winter running, and our hill is impossible. No really impossible. You did see above photo, right? So mind over matter. The weather is impossible, but the treadmill is not. Go get on it.

  • I have to constantly remind myself of WHY I am doing what I am doing. What will all this training produce? Hopefully a Boston Qualifying time during my spring marathon. But that will not happen if I let winter bring me down. You must keep your eye on the prize. As in life. If you’re always stuck on the immediate you’ll never progress towards the future.
  • Read other inspiring bloggers. I like to read other runner blogs. I’ll be chillin’ in bed and reading blogs and one is like “I ran 20 miles in the sleet and snow! Awesome run! Feeling great!”. Okay, yeah right then sometimes I’m just like well good for you. But really, surround yourself with inspirational, motivating people whether it be in blog world, friends, and/or spouses.
  • Spouses. They can be the real trick. “Honey…don’t you wanna snuggle? Don’t you want warm cookies and ice cream?” dangit. yes. But just look em square in the eye, tell them you love them, then get your booty moving! Run while you can!!!
  • Keep it in perspective. My run last night only took about 39 minutes of my time. Done. In the grand scheme of things this really isn’t too much time.
  • Wear motivating workout gear. Cheesy? Yes. But it works. I have my “I’m a total rockstar” running outfit. I am also a nerd.
  • Read about running. I have found tons of inspiration in Bill Rodger’s Marathon Man.
  • Remind yourself you aren’t running all day. After said run or workout, promise yourself chill time.
  • Go to bed the night before in your running gear. One less step in the morning.
  • Post motivational posters in your workout space. I have my race medals hung, but no posters yet. But reading all those fun Pintrest motivation memes helps too. 😉
  • hashtag the crap out of Twitter and tell the world that this morning, this very day, this very hour that YOU will #GETAFTERIT because you’re #motivated and #inspired because @jessflyingfeet told you to get your butt up and go!!!! haha. I kid. But really accountability is key many times. Tell the world and you’re more likely to stick to it out of sheer insanity not wanting to look like a total boob. Or at least tell your BRF.
  • Instagram it. Facebook it. Annoy the world with you relentless dedication.

Tweet: today I will #getafterit b/c @jessflyingfeet said 2 get my butt off the couch! #fitfluential #runchat
And remember, if you wait until all the conditions are right or good, you’ll never accomplish anything worthwhile. All the great things in life are meant to be worked for and ran after. Go get it!
Tweet: today I will #getafterit b/c @jessflyingfeet said 2 get my butt off the couch and GO. #runchat @GirlsGoneSporty #fitfluential #winterrunning
Now as I am headed to the mill I leave you with a few links and a funny from the kid. Because that face radiates motivation. No?

Other fun links and resources

3 Winter Running Secrets article from ACTIVE

4 Tips for Marathon Training in Winter from Precor

7 Smart Ways to Stay Active this Winter from Spark People


You want to eat your pizza, huh? You MUST RUN SIR! being silly on a snow/ice day. 🙂 this is my kid.

ps-remember to enjoy leisure time with the fam. 😉

pps-don’t forget about my CLIFBar giveaway that’s going on NOW until Sunday!!

What tips do you have to add? Are you struggling this winter? Who’s training for a Spring event?

Blessed & Beautiful Running.



13 thoughts on “Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Get ‘er Done in Winter

  1. Meeting up with friends for a run really helps me!
    And, having so many great run blogs and Instagram friends that post about running keeps me inspired.
    I’m training for Boston and we just had a wicked ice storm in Tn.

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