#MarathonMonday + ClifBar GIVEAWAY & Review!!

Happy Monday y’all! How was y’alls weekend?! Mine started out with a fantastic 10 miler race followed by a lazy Sunday. I had every intention of going for an easy run Sunday but my body decided otherwise. Sometimes you have to ignore the plan and listen to your body. In the Advanced Marathon Plan derived from Runner’s World Big Book of Marathon Training it says that you can exchange and “easy” run day for rest or XT. I usually try to exchange it with elliptical workouts but I just wanted to sit around the house post church lunch. So my mileage for last week went way under what I had planned from 46 down to 36…but that’s cool. I had a rockin’ race and a great weekend.  I don’t feel I’ve lost significant fitness or endurance. In fact, I’ve probably allowed my body to rebuild necessary strength during rest. Although something I’ve been struggling with lately is the comparison game. Some people train with 50+ miles weekly…my schedule is different and my life revolves around a family’s schedule. So I do what I can do and I can be proud of that. And so should you! Like Suz says, do it #likea___.  She talks about self-acceptance. I desperately needed to read. Check it out.

So today’s #MarathonMonday is brought to you compliments of ClifBar. There’s a wealth of fueling options and ultimately it boils down to what works for your body. But I have found Clif Bar to be the best option for my long-long runs. I usually just drink my NUUN but for the longer miles I need something foodish.

What’s so great about CLIFBar? Um, well everything! Compared to other gels or chews CLIFBar provides a more organic and natural option.

  • 90-95% Organic — my favorite thing about CLIFBar
  • Easy on the stomach. Digests quickly.
  • Works almost instantly. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve almost bonked until I had one gel or blok. Really a lifesaver during those 20 milers.
  • Great sneaky snack at work. #youmightbearunnerif …
  • Affordable.
  • Portable. With the ShotBloks I usually cut the pack in half and stuff one half in my pockets, but the gels come with a handle to carry when running.  They open easy.
  • Tasty. Wide variety of flavor. My personal favorite is the double espresso. mmmm.
  • Caffeinated option. Some have caffeine and some don’t. Caffeine can affect some tummys unkindly but I’m used to it. Plus if I forgot my coffee this is a great wake-me-up on a run.

From their website:

“Provide quick, chewable, energy to athletes while training and racing. SHOT Bloks come in 33 calorie cubes, making it easy to customize and track caloric and electrolyte intake during long outings and races.”

Now it’s giveaway time! Because I love to share anytime I get free goodies.


winner’s package!

To ENTER either head over to my Facebook page or Rafflecopter HERE…since my WordPress site doesn’t support javascript. boo. You will have the option to like, tweet, comment and all that fun stuff. 🙂


  • Must be a US resident. (sorry my non-USA friends 😦 )
  • Contest starts today 02/16/15 and will run through Sunday, 02/22/15 12:00 midnight.
  • Enter by visiting above links and liking, tweeting, following, commenting.
  • One winner will be selected at random and announced on next Monday’s #MarathonMonday

Good luck!

*Disclaimer: I was given samples of CLIFBar ShotBloks and Gels in exchange for my honest opinion. As always all thoughts are my own. No other personal compensation was provided.

So this week’s mileage line-up:

Monday: 5 easy w/5 strides

Tuesday: 8 miles hills

Wednesday: 5 easy + yoga

Thursday: 8 miles w/6@MP

Friday: rest/xt strength training

Saturday: 18 LSD

Sunday: 4 easy

Total goal miles: 48

Your turn! How do you fuel for long runs? Have you tried ClifBar gels or bloks? How do you feel when you don’t meet said workout or mileage goals?

Blessed and Beautiful Running.



17 thoughts on “#MarathonMonday + ClifBar GIVEAWAY & Review!!

  1. Since I don’t usually run long distances, does it count if I refuel after a long workout with a protein smoothie? 😛 (I’ve been meaning to try those shot bloks for when I’m working on endurance though! They passed em’ out during the one and only race [half-marathon] I’ve ever run, but I didn’t end up trying it then! :x)

  2. Congrats on your 1st place AG finish at the race! I drank Tailwind during the trail half marathon that I ran on Valentine’s Day and they’ll hand out ClifBar gels at the marathon that I’m running in 11 days.

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  4. For long runs I use gels or Shot Bloks but have also been known to down a sandwich on really long trips. I always make sure to eat a decent breakfast an hour or so before I head out, oatmeal with banana, nuts, dried fruit and honey.

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