Green Valley Road Race Review

Hey y’all! I did have a Friday Five post planned for Friday, but I never finished. One part due to work, six parts life/running/family/laundry/dishes/etc, and fifty-five thousand parts tiredness. But, I managed to squeeze a small amount of time to give y’all some details from this past Saturday’s race. If you’ve been following my blog for a while now you know how excited I have been to race this one as it was a new race distance (automatically serving as a PR–yes please.), new state, and first time to meet up with our local Transylvania County runners at an event. So without further adieu…

My pre-race plan:

*note timing is a rough estimate. 

Night before I had a small plate of spaghetti and meatballs followed by one serving of ice cream…tradition, with the ice cream being a newer addition to my tradition. I use to completely swear off sweets before a race, but one serving of ice cream seems to be the key ingredient to success.

Woke up like a spring chicken at 5 am. Race day is like Christmas day for the runner!

Furman is about an hour away from our home so we planned on leaving by 6:30. My tummy always needs about an hour or so to … ahem … Get rolling. TMI…yes. But this is a real running blog.  Always read at your own risk. 😉

5:30: Anyway, so I eat my cinnamon raisin bagel, 1.5 cups of coffee.

6:00:  shower

6:15: packed my NUUN

6:40: start our drive down

7:35: drink my NUUN


spreading the #NUUNlove in Greenville

7:45 get our race bibs and mingle

8:00 potty break, retie shoes

8:25 run to Patrick at his 8k start area and wish him good luck, and warm-up

8:40 line up

8:45 race!

Race details as I saw them:


$25 or $30 day of

Getting there:

Furman University was easy to find. Just a drive down a scenic road on the right. There was some confusion as to where the actual 8k portion of the race started once on campus but we finally hunted down some folks who knew. Maybe better start signs would be good?? Or maybe I just didn’t notice them. That’s entirely possible.

Start time:

8k 8:30 am
10 miler 8:45 am


30*ish 10 mileish wind (according to Weather Channel App.) with gusts, aka: cold. There were times during the race that I had a hard time catching my  breath gulping wind in every once in a while. Even when running downhill, the wind was like not today fool.


Offered a 10 mile or 8k

I would rate the course medium difficulty. Rolling hills. For every uphill there was ample downhill to make up time as long as you paced yourself accordingly. It was as lot like here in Western NC. I’m coming to prefer hilly courses over flat. It had quite a few turns but no terrible sharp tangents to run. You could watch the course on video before the race which was really cool. I did watch it and it helped with what to prepare for since I didn’t live locally to know the course.

Beautiful route passing fountains, trees, mostly shaded except the portion ran by the highway or busy street, ran through nice neighborhoods. I kept hearing dogs bark…I think this made me run a little faster. ha.

A handful of spectators. You had to be careful of another event running, but as long as you were paying attention and didn’t follow the black arrow that led to the other race you were good. I didn’t see mile marker 7 so I started to panic for a moment but finally saw another GVRR sign. I still don’t recall seeing mile marker 7… but they did have all the other mile markers up.

Some traffic. Some dangerous traffic I might add… about got run over by a dump truck of some sort.. Open traffic course. Real road race. Exciting.

Ample signage (except the elusive mile marker 7…if you ran this event and saw mile 7 please tell me! Maybe I’m just crazy.) and volunteers to help along the course.

Two water stations for the 10 miler. But I heard there wasn’t any available on the 8k course? Maybe for the thirsty runner they could add one stop for the 8k.


Long sleeve cotton tee and white commemorative gloves that reminded me of Bill Rodger’s (Marathon Man) gloves.


bagels, bananas, oranges, yogurt, water, Gatorade




received “winners socks”


Nice, budget friendly, well hosted smaller race. The director, I assumed was the director announcing, was sure to thank everyone for running. I really enjoyed running South Carolina and I can’t wait to go again. The people were very gracious and the campus was beautiful. The sunrise on the way was stunning too.

I would run this race again.


I was having a pretty good day. No aches, no pains, no stomach issues. Felt ready. I was treating this race as a tune-up run for my bigger goal in April. I wasn’t ready to give 110%. During the course of the run I just kept running steady hoping for a solid even 7:18-7:20 min/mile pace. I tend to look at my Garmin waaaaayyy too much during a race. I’m hoping I will have my brained trained so well to shut off during a race that for the marathon I will be able to really let loose.

I read this quote out of Blue Ridge Outdoors Magazine and wish I had read it before the race,

“You think too much. Run like an animal. Shut off your brain and turn your animal body loose.” -Randy Ashley

Official time (results compliments of Greenville Track Club):

1:13:06 7:18 min/mile
Place: 54/255
Age Div: 1st
Female: 8th

This results of this race as a tune-up event for me are exciting, because a.) these results tell me that my work is paying off and that an 8:00-8:10 min/mile will be possible during the marathon and b.) I can race in bigger ponds well. (more on bigger ponds HERE.) As long as training keeps plugging right along this BQ goal of mine should prove a feasible feat. This. Is. Exciting.


the husband’s usual post race game face. how did I get so lucky?

The husband has a great 8k race too scoring second in his age division as well.

I have to say that meeting up with our local Transylvania Running Club was one of the highlights of this race. Running with the group was a blast with everyone cheering everyone on. Running is just that way, you know? It’s all about encouraging each other no matter what pace. My BRF won 3rd female OVERALL. She pretty much rocks. Go A!! It’s good to have faster friends. Helps you run faster. I will continue to chase her. 😉


BRFs+winners=happy runners.

We really have a great mix of runners. Post race photo of happy Transylvanians…we are a good looking bunch, if I don’t say so myself…

Photo compliments of ms S.’ fellow rockin’ runner. Thanks Susan! **Disclaimer: The tall guy in the back is standing on a randomly found milk crate. Just sayin’.

Well, that is about it my friends. Looks like we are due for some snow this week so may be using the ‘ol mill more than I’d like. But, training will get done. Also, be on the lookout for a Clif Bar giveaway sometime tomorrow! Till then enjoy your Sunday!

How about you? Any races this past weekend? How are your goals for this running year coming along? Are you a frequent Garmin watcher? heh heh…get it? Garmin…watcher? Cause it’s a watch? meh. 😉 

Blessed and Beautiful Running!



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