Tougher Running and Instagram Newbie

Hello humday! So I went and did something wild and crazy. I gave in to the temptation to join Instagram. I realize I may be late to the party, but that’s just how I roll. Plus, I just couldn’t figure out why on earth I would need an Instagram account. I mean, can’t I just take photos and share on Twitter and Facebook? NO way. I’m an Insta addict already. Granted I’ve only posted five photos to date, but the filters are way cooler tha iPhone. People seem respond to pictures more often than to words. So if my blogging bores you then we can be Insta buddies. lately running has been feeling more like a challenge. This morning I did NOT. want. to. get. out. of. bed. I feel like I went back to grumpy cat day.


Even after my one and one-half cups of coffee I was still just like, nah. I can just chill in this cozy chair allllll day. It’s way cold, cloudy, and wet outside. My legs were tired. My brain was tired. My spirit was tired. Everything about me was just tired. My legs were all like, “do I have to???”.

Then I politely told them to shut up. Get up. And let’s go get er done. And so I did.

yay. 8 yucky miles done and a zero make-up trying to be happy face.

The thing (well, one of the many things) about marathon training is that it gets tough. So you can either wimp out and skip workouts cause you don’t feel like running or you can suck-it-up-buttercup and get on with the work. Pushing through your excuses is what will set you apart from the mediocre you to the phenomenal you, who’s going to rock out your race. Tough run yesterday? Get out and go again today. Tougher running makes a tougher you. This quote pretty much sums it up:

I just finished listening to Positive Psychology: The Science of Happiness by The Entrepreneur Fitness Podcast about focusing your mind. Running is SO much of that. Mind over matter. Don’t stop just because your mind is telling you to, chase that second wind down. Because you know it’s there.  You might not feel it now, but it is.

Most people never run far enough on their first wind to find out they’ve got a second.
William James

So now that mind over matter is settled and I got my run in today, here’s a few things I’m loving this week and what I’m looking forward to next week:

I will have a ClifBar review and giveaway for my amazing readers. That would be YOU! The kind folks at ClifBar were so awesome to send me a HUGE box full of goodies. I plan on saving a few shotbloks and gels to give away to one of my lucky readers. So stay tuned and invite all your cool friends next Monday for #MarathonMonday and a giveaway.


lookie what came in the mail today! ClifBar shotbloks and gels galore!

Today after all the gloomy weather this morning the sun came out to play. Right on time for SMART Girls/Boys. We had a blast! Today’s theme was all about the heart. Perfectly timed for that special day this Saturday. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy being apart of the SMART program. Kids really have a way of rocking your world.  After our volunteer time the kid and I took some much needed one-on-one mommy and me time. Our lives get so busy we neglect the most important things in life. Like TIME with loved ones. This kid will be 10 years old this April! Am I really that old already?? Time flies by…


After SMART girls/boys the kid and I took some much needed one on one time with a walk. The kid says can we run back home? Yes. I’m doing something right as a running mom 😉

Tell me! How are your runs going? Do you struggle with willpower sometimes? How do you pysce yourself up to get your booty moving? Any V-day plans? I’ll be racing this Saturday!!
Blessed and Beautiful Running.



9 thoughts on “Tougher Running and Instagram Newbie

  1. Yay! Welcome to the instagram world! I originally got instagram just to look at pretty pictures of food (great inspiration for recipes! 😀 ), but eventually [finally] decided to be social on it in spring-ish of last year, so I feel ya on being late to the party. We’re just that awesome. :O

    Friends have definitely been helping me with staying accountable! :]

  2. I joined Instagram just a few weeks ago and love it! I can’t believe I waited so long 🙂
    I’m definitely going to have to listen to the podcast you mentioned – it sounds like it’s perfect for what I need / want these day.
    Good luck at your race!

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