#MarathonMonday Week 6 & ENERGYBits Contest!


Hello Monday!

WARNING! This post may be a bit sporadic and way too unorganized. But fun nonetheless. 😉

I’m not sure if you’ve heard but ENERGYbits is hosting a contest now through the last Friday in February. (ENERGYbits are a 1 calorie, NON-GMO, 64% protein, all-natural energy booster. Excellent option for extra energy during workouts, running, or marathon training.) See above photo on how to enter. For more info on the product itself check out my past review HERE. This seems like a really great way to stay fit. February can seem challenging to want to stay fit due to gross, cold weather. So go on and #GETAFTERIT!


this is the face of sunshine joy. this kid…

On a sunny note, remember my grumpy cat post on warm, beautiful, spring days?! Well, we had
one yesterday and it was the best day ever so far in February. So after my 14 miler, chruch, and lunch, my little family then headed out to the Parkway for a short hike. My legs were toast so we only managed a few miles but they were thoroughly enjoyed miles! We really do live in one of the most beautiful areas of our country! My husband and I are planning on running up on the parkway one day while the kid is in school. Should be a good lung workout in the higher elevations!IMG_3094IMG_3090IMG_1483


Sunshine and NUUN is all I need! Well, that and my kiddo and hubby 😉

And LOOOOOOOOK! I finally got me some more NUUN! I had been out for a few weeks. *gasp* Never again shall I go without…I just recently discovered our local HUB in Pisgah carries the golden drink. I could live off NUUN for all my running.


#NUUNlove NUUN takes us to higher elevations! 😉

As far as marathon training goes, all is going quite well! I’ve managed to hit all mileage goals for 5 consecutive weeks now. I’m curious to see how well this week goes with a 10 miler race on Saturday when I have originally planned on a 16 miler long slow run. My thoughts are race the 10 miles than complete with a sloooooow 6 miles post race.

This week’s mileage line-up:

Monday: 6 miles w/6 strides 

Tuesday: 5 miles easy + weights

Wednesday: 8 miles w/6@tempo + yoga

Thursday: 7 easy

Friday: rest (night before 10 miler race!!) easy flow yoga

Saturday: Green Valley Road Race 10 miler in SC!! + easy 6 miles 

Sunday: 4 super easy shakeout miles

Total miles: 46

So on another way off topic note, I just discovered Pocasts! If you follow me on FACEBOOK then you may already be aware that I am a nerd and that slow to the amazing technology that is the Podcast. I am super excited to be able to listen and learn on the go. Finding time to read is a challenge. So this helps solve some of the problem. Now I am going to be absorbing all things running and personal training. SO EXCITING!

Okay either I’m way to easily impressed or I just have impressive enthusiasm… 😉

Any great races your way coming up? Have you ever raced then finished with slow miles post to “complete” a long run? Or do you just race and be done with it when marathon training? Do listen to Podcasts? Any recommendations?

Blessed and Beautiful Running.



6 thoughts on “#MarathonMonday Week 6 & ENERGYBits Contest!

  1. Cool – you’re going to be in my town on Saturday for the Green Valley! Hope you like it!
    You’re not alone being behind the time with the podcasts 🙂 I’ve never listened to one, but my 70-something year old Dad listens to them all the time on his iPhone…

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