Wisdom Wednesday: the Cranky Runnah Probs & a Few Winter Tips


Just kidding. I MISS beautiful, sunny, and warm spring days so much it hurts.

This morning I woke up super cranky. Like, I despise the world and all that resides in it, kind of cranky. Like squinty eyed, burrowed brows, scowl on my face kinda cranky. Maybe I am just tired, maybe work has been getting under my skin, maybe because it’s still stupid cold outside and my lungs hate me for running outside, maybe I wish I had the cash to just go and take that dern NASM exam already, maybe I’m just…maybe I’m simply just cranky. I feel stuck. I’m just ready to get out of pharmacy and really delve into the career I’m truly passionate about. I’m ready to start my personal training business, explode my blogging into something greater, and run all the time. I’ve contemplated just walking out of the pharmacy and saying “I quit!”. However, seeing as how I’m the primary insurance card holder and contribute to half of the house hold expenses, this may seem slightly irresponsible…

So where is the wisdom in all this pessimistic post thus far ?


IMG_3044This was the first verse I opened to this morning. As long as I keep fighting the good fight, working for the Lord, and working toward the goals daily I will get there some day. The Lord’s timing is not always our timing. And this can be intensely frustrating.

So I went off for a run. I really didn’t want to run ((gasp!)) because I was tired. My legs were sore. I was, as previously mentioned, cranky. It was cold. You name it, I had every whiny excuse. But I went out because I knew I was cranky and running has a unique way of correcting this. Remembering my #Irun4 buddy helps me overcome some of the mental barriers I face because he reminds me what a gift running is. And I never want to let my buddy down…

On a more positive, less grumpy runnah note, what I was reminded of on my run:

This is our local Brevard College’s gorgeous brand new blue track. It was still slightly cloudy this morning when I started so the blue is hard to see in this first pic, but see below for the vibrant blue. Besides it’s color, the backdrop is nothing short of breathtaking. I am so blessed to live in such an incredibly beautiful area with tons of running options. Track running, trail running, road running…whatever my pleasure. And for a moment, because of the cold, I nearly forgot what a gift I have in my own backyard, so to speak.IMG_3056


logging some tempo miles at the track

I like to run most of my faster tempo runs on the track because it’s easier to fall into a steady rhythm with no traffic, usually no people, and no hills. I will run my first warm-up lap around the college campus that does include hills, and if you follow me on DailyMile or Facebook then you know I’m not shy of running hills, I just prefer tempos on track.


gorgeous blue.

On another less deep, thought provoking note:

I do MISS beautiful, sunny, and warm spring days so much it hurts. Literally. Running in the cold causes strange pains in the joint of my knees. Maybe I’m not warming up properly enough before I head out doors. Here’s a few practical things you might not think about when running the winter:


  • Remember the sunblock! Winter weather can be harsh on your face’s delicate skin.
  • Cover all your extremities when it’s super, super cold.
  • Try going through a dynamic warm-up indoors before heading out doors.
  • Remember to stay well hydrated. You may not feel as thirsty in the cold but you still need the hydration!

So what am I into on my day off? Studying for that exam I can not afford. Yet.



studying and #coffeetime

What are you into this humpday? Do you have grumpy days too? How do you get out of your funky mood? What WILL you do? Do you every run on a track? Do you apply the sunblock in winter too?

Blessed & Beautiful Running.



8 thoughts on “Wisdom Wednesday: the Cranky Runnah Probs & a Few Winter Tips

  1. Hump day: crepe breakfast and super hilly run with friends.
    Great job getting it done even on a grumpy day. I have them too and just force myself to run. Coffee also helps!
    I run track once a week.
    Thanks for the sunscreen reminder!!

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