#MarathonMonday Week 5 Ramping Up Beauty


Well hello beautiful! It’s Monday! And I am suuuuuper late getting this post up and it’s ridiculously short with few bells and whistles (other than I figured out how to add a cute sig at the bottom. yay!)  But hey, after an eight hour work shift, three miles, weights, and dinner with my sweet fam, this is the only time I had y’all. For real. I know you feel me.

So who watched the Super Bowl last night? I didn’t. But I did watch the commercials and I fell in love with this:

Girl’s are taught at a young age what’s supposed to be “beautiful” from media, role models, parents, friends…and it’s not always good. We are told that “being a girl” is like being a kind of weakness. And that is simply just not true.

We all wish we had a little something more or less: bigger boobs, smaller waist, to be taller, shorter, straighter hair, curlier hair, stronger legs, not so bulky arms, to feel less emotional, to be more practical, smoother skin…you name it.

And if you already have all of these said attributes, then we can not be friends.

I kid, I kid!

At any rate, we as women are all beautiful in our own respects.

It’s high time we start focusing on what we DO have and what we CAN DO.

I admit, I’m rather small up top and can come across as “over emotional”,,,but WHATEVER! I have a strong heart, marathoner legs, and the capability to empathize with others. And at the end of the day it’s the strong heart that keeps me ticking right along.

So on the #MarathonMonday note… here’s what’s up this week… (nice transit between topics eh? I tell y’all.. I am tiiiired)

This week’s miles:

Monday: 3 easy miles w/3 strides + upper body weight workout

Tuesday: 8 miles hills

Wednesday: 8 miles w/6@MP

Thursday: REST/yoga

Friday: 5 easy

Saturday: 4 easy + yoga

Sunday: 14 LSD

Total Goal Miles: 42

So there ya have it. You are all beautiful and strong and I’m running 42 miles this week.

I’m keeping this post short and to the point. I. Am. Tired. I feel like an old woman wanting to be in bed by 9…

What goals are you looking at in February? What GOOD thing about YOU can you start focusing on now? What time do you typically go to bed?

Blessed and Beautiful Running.



4 thoughts on “#MarathonMonday Week 5 Ramping Up Beauty

  1. I actually try to be asleep by 9:30. And, I AM old! I get up at 5:15, in the dark, to run most mornings. I’m going to get back to my regular running schedule & mileage in February!

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