Friday Five: Favorite Indoor Workouts PLUS New Race Distance!


Hey, hey it’s FRIDAY y’all! This means it’s link-up time hosted by Courtney, Mar, and Cynthia. Take some time to check out their pages and meet other great bloggers. For their rules and how to link-up click HERE.

This week’s theme: 5 Favorite Indoor Workouts


{{notice CheriBundi on the weights. BEST natural anti-inflammatory. Get rid of that OTC med cabinet!}}

1.) One of my favorite indoor workouts lately has become lifting weights, especially with the Mr. He has shown me a lot! I prefer free weights and pulleys. Just enough to keep some muscle tone during marathon training. I’ve also been getting a ton of great workouts from Oxygen Magazine, my favorite fitness magazine. It’s not your typical “fluff” mag teeming with sex, make-up, and kinda sorta workouts. It’s the real deal with real women and delicious recipes. Do you read this or any magazines?

2.) Yoga. It’s always been a favorite. And yes, it’s totally a workout. If you’ve never tried yoga, I dare you.

3.) Elliptical at the gym. Great for my cross-training days.

4.) Sitting on the couch. It’s my mental break workout. It counts.

5.) Last but not least, this:

IMG_3010 …my spiritual workout.

Soooooo…Side track on another note because I rabbit trail down thoughts like this, If you follow me on Facebook then you already know that I’ve officially signed up for my first race of the year (besides the big Nashville Rock n’ Roll marathon in April)!! I know I’ve mentioned the Frostbite 10k in Feb but now I’m registered for a 10 miler. The Green Valley Road Race on Furman in Greenville, SC. I enjoy running 10 milers but I’ve never raced the distance. And I’ve never races in South Carolina. Win-win!

New distance+new state=stupid excited Jess!!!

Annnnnnnd it gets better, my hubby will be running the 8k distance and my BRF is racing the 10 miler too, along with a group of our local running club. This is also a first for me. I’ve yet to travel or race with our Transylvania Running Club. Running is beautiful in that it can be a shared experience or a solo mental break.

So. Much. Excitement.

Oh yeah, and it’s on Valentine’s day. The couple that runs together stays together. Sweet. 🙂

What’s your favorite indoor workout?
Have you ran a race yet this year? Anyone down in Greenville SC? Have you raced a 10 miler?

Blessed and Beautiful Running.


15 thoughts on “Friday Five: Favorite Indoor Workouts PLUS New Race Distance!

  1. Looks like you picked some great races. I did the Frostbite 5K last year and those hills wiped me! Have a great weekend!

  2. I love that you used “y’all”. Where I’m from, there is no other word that means the same thing. “Hey, you” – just doesn’t work! I’ve never done a 10 miler. I think I would like that distance.

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