#MarathonMonday Week 4: Practicing Peace. Om.


Hello happy Monday!

Last week was stellar for me mile wise (work, eh not so much). I hit my mileage goal and even surprised myself in speed. That’s both exciting and scary… It’s like okay, what horrible run is coming next?! Does it seem to happen that way for you? Amazing run, terrible run.

We will think positive though! So as I mentioned yesterday this week will be a “cut back” week for me as far as miles go. The plan I’m following builds up the intensity over three weeks and cuts back every fourth week. I plan on keeping yoga and strength training throughout my training but during the cut back weeks I’m aiming for more yoga and weights to help balance my core and overall strength. Maintaining a strength routine can be key in increasing speed! Check out THIS informative article on all the additional benefits.

I’ve not been as diligent with my yoga. It’s been once a week here and there. Same with the strength training. So this week is a great time to really get more engaged.


photo source a yogi runner is a strong runner.

I came across THIS Runner’s World article about all kinds of yoga for runner’s. It includes various routines like quick CORE strength, PRE-YOGA RUN, and poses I’ve never tried. So I’m bookmarking it and plan on getting my om on y’all. Along with multiple yoga routines this week I plan on re-focusing my energies on positive, mind strengthening, and peaceful vibes. Marathoners are tough.

As a distance runner, you know you’re going to get your bell rung.  Distance runners are experts at pain, discomfort, and fear.  You’re not coming away feeling good.  It’s a matter of how much pain you can deal with on those days.  It’s not a strategy.  It’s just a callusing of the mind and body to deal with discomfort.  Any serious runner bounces back.  That’s the nature of their game.  Taking pain.” – Mark Wetmore, head coach of the Colorado University Cross Country team.

While I may spend much time in pain, learning over and over again what it takes to physically and mentally persevere, there comes a time when we need to feed the peace in our lives. I believe yoga will help with this. And in turn having learned control over my mind in peace, I can control my mind during the battle that is the marathon.

This week’s mileage line-up looks like this:

Monday: total REST

Tuesday: 5 miles hills + 30 min. strength routine

Wednesday: 5 easy + 1 hour of Vinyasa yoga at the gym

Thursday: 4 miles @ tempo

Friday: 4 easy/or XT + 30 min. strength routine

Saturday: 10 LDS

Sunday: 5 easy + 30 min. yoga at home

Total miles: 33 miles

So last week I totally forgot to add the actual link-up button…DOH. Blame it on my oxygen being run out. Click below to add your link! Linking up is a great way to “meet” other runners, bloggers, yogi…and if marathons aren’t really your thing Janice over at Fitness Cheerleader and Rachel at Running Rachel are hosting a great #MotivateMe Monday link-up. I linked up with her all of December and it helped me stay motivated tremendously!

I’m keeping this post short because it’s late, I’ve been at work all day, I’ve had zero run, and I’m kinda sorta cranky.

Jess needs sleep. Namaste.

Do you practice yoga pre or post run? Or at all? How was your weekend? What’s on your agenda this week? 

Blessed and Beautiful running!


13 thoughts on “#MarathonMonday Week 4: Practicing Peace. Om.

  1. I thinkkkk you run more in a week than I do in a year. I miss the days when I used to be able to walk/bike everywhere! At least I was still getting some cardio in then! 😛

    I’m working on incorporating yoga into my life too! :] I think I have a huge problem adhering to it because I feel like I do very little for the time that it takes…so I end up lifting weights instead. ._. Probably a sign from above that I should maybe learn to chill and meditate every once in a while, hehehe.

  2. Yoga has always been an instrumental part of my training…I’ve been doing it a lot longer than I’ve been running! (This year is my 7th yogaversary!) Not only does it help with pain and strength, but I think I’d go crazy without it. 🙂

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