14 Miles of Joy #longrun Puts It In Perspective


Frosty windows might indicate that it’s COLD. But not too cold for a run for this girl!

Hello and happy Sunday!

Today’s run was nothing short of a blessing. I was nervous before the run this morning because it has been a long while since my last 14 miler (not counting the marathon last November) and it was super cold out.  It may have been very cold but at least the sun was shining and the wind wasn’t blowing. Focus on the positive! I was also well hydrated, fueled with Clif Bar gels, and good to go tummy wise. Sometimes my stomach can be sensitive. I told myself to start out slow and keep it that way. However, about half way through I was ready to pick up the pace a bit ending my run with my last mile as my fastest. Throughout my run I kept thinking and praying for my #IRun4 buddy who has Moebius syndrome. There’s so much more to what he goes through but I kept thinking about how he can not express his joy physically with his facial expressions. And so I ran on smiling. For him. Puts life into perspective, you know? And I still felt strong after with energy left in the tank. I just felt so incredibly blessed to be out there.

This is good. Not every run is as seamless and unimpaired as this one so I definitely hang on to these moments. When a run is this good you find yourself answering questions you’ve had, finding forgiveness, cherishing life as a whole, being reminded of God’s grace, and embracing JOY.

I’m trying to get in the habit of running a faster negative split. My past marathons have been positive splits, meaning the second half has been considerably slower. So I am fine-tuning my ability to control and steady my pace in my training. Marathons are about mental toughness and self control over 26.2 miles. And enjoyment of the journey.

I wrapped up week three successfully with a 14 miler. Next week is a cut back week which you’ll read about on #MarathonMonday. Marathon training can be monotonous, increasingly difficult, and sometimes it’s a struggle to stay motivated. It all goes back to enJOYing the run. I think cutting back every 4th week is ideal and smart. Keeps you refreshed and ready to kick it into high gear again.

So. On another note, post long run grub…

After my super healthy high protein lunch, spinach salad complete with tuna, tomatoes, and a small amount of dressing, I was still feeling ravenous! I try. I promise you all I really do try to eat healthy. However, since Jen at Jen Chooses Joy, posted about National Peanut Butter Day on Friday I had to make up for no peanut butter days and consume not one, but TWO pb sandwiches. And I fell no guilt.

Tweet: running #joy What's your positive this week? Widsom in the #LONGRUN http://ctt.ec/el5Sf+
And on another word, I challenge you to find JOY in the everyday life. Last week was a bit of a joy buster for me with my pharmacy job and all but I am determined to refocus my energies on the positives. Tell me one thing positive in your life this week!

Are you a peanut butter fan? Are you running long on the weekends? Do you include “cut-back” weeks in your training? How do you focus on JOY?

Blessed & Beautiful Running!


12 thoughts on “14 Miles of Joy #longrun Puts It In Perspective

  1. I love this post!!
    My blog is a great reminder for me to stay joyful!
    When I’m training, I will drop my mileage every 3-4 weeks. I think drop weeks are really important.
    I hope you have a wonderful week!

  2. This next week is a cut back week for me. I think they are really important (especially for me…I’m so injury prone). This weekend was a 12 mile long and the weather was horrible. I still made it through okay though. 🙂

  3. Hey Jess! So glad that your run went so well today. When I am running long I also like to try to appreciate the shear joy of running and remembering it is a gift to do what we do!
    Good luck with the negative splits! Great blog!

  4. That’s a killer long run, girl!! Way to smash it! It’s true that not all runs are so perfectly enjoyable, but because of that when we do have a good run, we appreciate it that much more. Also, I LOVE peanut butter, but I don’t usually buy it because I know I could eat a whole jar in a few short days. Peanut butter with banana is probably my favorite combination!

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