Friday Five: 5 Awesome Things About Me and Life Currently

IMG_1605So yesterday’s post was a bit of a downer…but that’s life. It’s up and occasionally down.

So onto brighter and more positive vibes even if it is icy and rainy out. I’m pretending it’s sunshine and heat waves right now. My happy place is the beach with sun. Take me there!

As per the usual I am linking up with the fun Courtney, Mar, and Cynthia for the weekly Friday Five. I swear I do not know what I would blog about on Fridays without their creative prompts.  Another excellent reason to get linked up my friends! For more info on the upcoming topics and link-up rules click HERE.

This week’s theme is “5 things about me.”

So since you can read all about me HERE I figured I would just run down a quick list about what’s currently awesome.

1.) I’m trying and trying again to get that NASM CPT cert. I may have to pay that ridiculous fee since I didn’t signup to take the exam within 180 days, but whatever. I am determined to get it. Even if I have to sell beaded bracelets to make the extra cash. Just kidding. That was a joke. I can neither make beaded bracelets or sell products. But saving will happen.

2.) I’m excited about my first races of the season! There is a Frostbite 10k happening February 15th and my all time favorite Oskar Blues 4-miler. I’m really excited to test my speed in the 10k distance and go for competitive speed. I haven’t truly tested my 10k race time over a year. oskarblues

3.) I’ve been getting my weights on regularly and coming up with great circuits that I look forward to sharing with you all eventually! My husband has been a great support. While at the gym he and the kid get into racquetball so I can finish my workout. The husband usually gets out of work earlier so he is able to get his workout done first. I tried racquetball once. I hated every moment. Ha! I’m not too keen on anything that requires a racket or ball or paddle… I just run.

4.) I drink way too much coffee, eat too much pizza, and over indulge on ice cream. Why is this awesome? Because. It is. When I stop marathon training I plan on getting fat. But for now I carb load as I please.

5.) Okay that last one was a joke, but seriously, I eat all. the. time. and It’s great. But the most awesome thing in my life currently is my little family. My son is swimming and active in SMART boys running, my husband is working hard and doing his best daily, and I am loving them all.

Tell me FIVE AWESOME things about YOU or what’s currently going on in your world! Any races coming up? Have you had your first race of the year yet?

Blessed and Beautiful Running!


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