Thoughts For Thursday. Doubt and Disappointment.


I don’t even know where to begin. I can begin with how I feel I suppose.
I’m disappointed. Frustrated and feeling less than. I’m doubting my ability. My thoughts. My motives.

So last March I signed up for the NASM certified personal trainer course and I got derailed due to throwing my entire life into wedding planning.

I have this problem.

I dive in 100% when I begin a project and neglect the other aspects of life. I hate to do anything halfhearted. Wedding became priority and my initial thoughts of doing it all was a mistake. I try to do too much I too little time.

What doesn’t challenge us doesn’t change us. Without change we remain stagnant … Or worse.

Lesson learned.

Anyway, fast forward to present, I’m happily married and ready to dive in 100% into NASM CPT.
I study hard.
Call to schedule exam.
Problem: “I’m sorry ma’am but your account expired in September and there is now a $199.00 fee to extend your exam.”

Ok, for some this may be pocket change but to me it’s devastating.

They unfortunately don’t accept payment plans on this fee. I’ve been making payments ALL year for this so I assumed I couldn’t even take the exam until I had paid in full anyway. However, I apparently only had 180 days to take the exam regardless if I was paid in full or not.


It makes me question myself.
Am I even good enough? Should I keep trying? Why is there never enough time or money? Why can’t I manage my time and money better?
Maybe I just need to stick to my regular pharmacy job.

Then I remembered: I’m a marathon runner. C’mon chick. You GOT THIS.

I’ve examined why I want this certificate. And I do. There’s no doubt. I’m just temporarily derailed. I can’t just try harder. I need to DO HARDER. So regardless of this I will continue on in my pursuit one way or another. I want to encourage others to live full, fit, and happy lives.
Where there’s a will there’s a way.

How do you deal with setbacks and derailments?

Blessed and Beautiful Running.


10 thoughts on “Thoughts For Thursday. Doubt and Disappointment.

  1. You definitely got this! Just gotta believe in yourself sometimes. The biggest thing I’ve had to learn from setbacks is patience. Things don’t always happen when you want them to happen, but when you work hard, it WILL all come together in time. Keep your chin up – great things are coming for ya!

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