#MarathonMonday Runner’s Munchies

2015/01/img_2909.pngGood day my friends and welcome Monday! It’s time to get motivated!!!


I’d really like to put an “out of order” sticker on my forehead during this week in the pharmacy, but I’ve got to pay for all these race fees somehow…work has been super stressful lately with being short handed. If one or two people are calling out the workload increase ten fold, it feels anyway.

All the more reason to continue pursuing my dream of becoming a Certified Personal Trainer. It might be taking me a year (after factoring in life and a wedding) but I will get there. Make no mistake!
So anyway, if you’ve been around here long enough then you’ll know that I LOVE all things running, especially the marathon distance. I’m here at week three in the training cycle for #RnRNashville and since linking up with Janice at Fitness Cheerleader for #MotivateMe Mondays in December, I’ve decided to start #MarathonMonday to help keep myself accountable and link-up with other marathoners and runners who may have similar goals. Link-up and make friends y’all. Together we WILL achieve our goals!

So here’s some positive goodies from this week; really trying to not let work affect my overall demeanor which is sometimes (often) a true challenge:

This week aside from pharmacy, was productive. I managed to get in all my runs, cross-train, weights, and yoga. While working full-time and managing a home this may seem impossible but this is how I get it done, I either:

A.) get up at dark ‘o thirty before work and the world wakes

B.) workout while the kid swims

C.) get my long run in at dark ‘o thirty before the family or body realizes what’s transpiring

D.) take turns with the husband

E.) run with the kid on his bike. I usually do this more in spring/summer time. Makes things fun. 🙂

Running with a friend for the long run was also a positive highlight. I’m usually a loner but I’ve found a running friend pace match. The miles really fly by with a friend. Plus some much needed girl talk. And I steal all her facebook photos. Observe:


My hubby and I enjoyed dinner with friends to celebrate a birthday. Food is always a good time.

I finally got me a good cheeseburger from our local pub. So. So. Good. Again food. Notice a pattern?

Then I continued to overeat my entire weekend away. Too. Much. Food.
Cinnabon cinnamon rolls
Loaded baked potato with 59,000 grams of sodium
Ice cream

2015/01/img_2905.jpg photo source

I swear, I carb loaded to run two ultras this weekend. Running has a nasty way of over increasing my appetite. It’s like, “I just ran 12 miles! I’m high as a kite!!! Now where’s the FOOD?!”
Guess I’ll be working on an appetite control TNT Tuesday blog post … Ha

Other random thoughts for the week:

Morning running has been chilly but not freezing and it’s been beautiful.

I’m loving my little $1 planner from Target! There’s such a satisfaction in crossing lists, days off. I write my runs in and even have a cute little key code on the left. Notice. Also notice my hand’s shadow photo bombing here. Ha. I’m a nerd. I swear.


Fueling with Clif Bar gels again for long runs. I still stick with NUUN for my main source of hydration but for the long run I really need some carbs/sugars.

This week’s line-up:

Monday: 4 easy + weights

Tuesday: 6 miles hills

Wednesday: 8 miles w/6@ MP + yoga

Thursday: 4 easy or XT

Friday: 5 easy

Saturday: OFF

Sunday: 14 LSD

Total miles: 41 miles

What’s on your weekly agenda?! How do you control the running munchies? Any fun things from your week? Do you love/hate your daytime job? Let me know if you figure out a way to make a living drinking coffee and running. K? 🙂

Blessed & Beautiful Running


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