Thoughts For Thursday: Running Thieves and Terrain

This morning I was in no mood to run. This has not been the greatest week for me…my car stopped mid car line at my kid’s school (embarrassing. dead battery.), people keep calling out at work so the pharmacy has been insane, and its been yuck out. It was grey outside, cold, I was tiiiiiired, my body felt stiff…whaaaahh.

So what.

I had 5 easy miles on tap today so being the dedicated little runner that I am, I strapped up and took myself to the college. And logically I know that I almost always feel better post run. I decided I couldn’t handle another treadmill run, didn’t want to pound away on the cement sidewalks, temps were in the low 30s, and since I didn’t have to be at work until 11 I had some time. Besides, varying up your running terrain is good for you. The track is a softer surface and is a little easier on your joints. Running on trails is definitely another great option for a softer surfaces just a little more tactical with all the roots, rocks, streams, and what not. My BRF and I are planning a long run on trail this weekend. I am looking forward to getting away from town running!
So anyway, I drove down to our college campus and started out running laps on the beautiful, new, blue track. Since track is easier on your joints then pavement, it felt good. And I am so lucky to live in a beautiful area, including a beautiful campus… But…I get bored easily so I took off to run a mile loop around the campus. Lucky to live in a beautiful area but, not so lucky to have jerks living on that campus…Before running off for a loop around campus off the track, I noticed two young girls walking the track…
Then I came and ran a few more laps around the track and took off for a final campus loop. I finished with one mile on the track adding four 100m sprints just cause I wanted to. Sometimes you just wanna gun it.
Then…this just happened:


Who does this?! MISSING: PINK RUN magnet and Princess Running magnet. Guess they weren’t into travel advisor…

I think it may have been the two young girls because both they and my magnets were gone by the time I finished my run…Listen I know it’s just magnets….but they were important to me and carried special meanings. So to my thieves, let it be known:

I will find you!!!!!

Do you switch up your running terrain? What’s your favorite surface? Have you every had something stolen while on a run?

Blessed & Beautiful Running.


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