#WisdomWednesday Breathe

Today’s post does not contain any fun memes, cute photos, affiliate links, or anything exciting like that. In fact, you might find it quite boring. However, it still remains an important reminder.

Today’s wisdom is simple:


It brings oxygen to your life and releases carbon dioxide out.

Inhale good and exhale bad.

Remember how short life is.
Annoyances, stresses, arguments are not worth losing our breathe over.

Breathing helps us to pause if needed. Helps us to keep our cool. Our composure. Our heads on straight.


Blessed & Beautiful Running.


4 thoughts on “#WisdomWednesday Breathe

  1. Tis a great reminder! Sometimes when I find life is getting way too stressful and/or overwhelming, just stopping to take a deep breath and reminding myself that it’s gonna be okay/to take it one step at a time works wonders!

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