#MarathonMonday Week 2: Magic In The Gloves.


Happy Monday! I have the day off so it’s most assuredly a happy Monday here in this household. It means, I actually have T-I-M-E to sit down and put together a nice blog post.  Last week I was just slapping things down from the trusty iPhone. Y’all still love me right??

I have so many thoughts rambling away in my head so be prepared for a scatter brained layout here. Y’all are probably already used to this..

So first off, how in the heck are y’all doing? How was last week for you? Were you able to keep a good training schedule? Life crazy busy for you too? Cold temps in your neck of the woods? It has been too cold for my Irish blood. But I dressed up and got out anyway. How in the heck does the Weather Channel say that 16* is “fair”? Totally unfair if you ask me. ha. But still better than -3* like earlier last week. The first week of marathon training was a success. I stuck to all my training runs, strength training, and substituted one day of “easy” running for XT on the elliptical. I really believe XT is one of the most important keys to maintaining overall strength and preventing overuse injuries. Plus it will keep you from looking like this:

Of course not all marathoners look like the one on the left, but I found this picture humorous and I totally aim for the butt on the right! ha. But really, get your cross-training, weights, and yoga in. Your butt will thank you.

On a chilly  note,


My makeshift buff… for those of you that have a real buff, I envy you! It’s on my list of things to purchase eventually when the budget allows.

While I may not have a real buff (my handkerchief was solid after my snotty, cold run. ew.) I do now have “real” running gloves! My sweet, sweet Mr. P splurged on a nice pair of Under Armour (love some UA) for me. I had come in from one of my usual winter runs with my usual cheap throw away gloves and my hands were so cold they went numb. Mr. P felt bad for me and wanted me to have warms hands…awwww. This, my friends, is indeed true love. They are even infrared tech, which means I can change my music on my iPhone without taking off my gloves. Exciting!

I had originally planned an easy 5 miler this morning but my legs decided they wanted to run fast. Yes,  my legs have a mind of their own. I swear it. So I ended up running a 6 mile tempo run holding a steady 7:30 min/mile pace. I believe my new gloves made me run faster today. Because all the elites run with gloves. Right? I don’t know, but my favorite Kara does! I pretended I was rocking out with Kara at Boston when running this morning. Does this make me a nerd? Absolutely. And I have no shame in admitting this. Doesn’t she look like a total running rockstar?

Part of the Girls Gone Sporty motto this year, #PYBCYE (Push your boundaries, challenge your expectations) is all about challenging yourself to go beyond what you ever thought possible.

As I stated earlier, I ended up with a tempo run in place of an easy run today (sometimes you just have to go by feel) at a 7:30 min/mile pace. I haven’t officially declared this my goal marathon pace because that’s quite a challenge for me and I wonder if I really could do that? And on my run today, I felt it just might be possible. I thought to myself,

“Why am I limiting myself? Why do I tell myself that’s too fast for me? I am capable. I am strong. I can be fast. I can push a little harder..”

We are capable of SO much more than we ever imaged. I challenge you to push yourself a little harder one day this week and watch what happens. Tell yourself YOU CAN. You just might surprise yourself. Who knew, all it took a was a new pair of gloves to remind me of this.

And this is the year I am going overcome what I once thought wasn’t possible. Anything is possible. Believe it. Philippians 4:13. Word. Be a testimony in every sense.


So about the whole #MarathonMonday part. Last week’s line-up was a success and here’s what I have laid out for this week:

Monday: 6 mile tempo/strength training

Tuesday: 5 miles easy/yoga

Wednesday: 4 miles easy/or XT

Thursday: 5 miles easy

Friday: 6 miles hills

Saturday: 12 miles LSD

Sunday: rest/or yoga

Total Miles: 38 miles

I’m slowly adding the tempo runs and harder workouts. Every week is a little different due to my work schedule constantly changing. I may not always be able to run certain workouts on certain days, but it’s all good. It’s important to remain flexible when training for a marathon or any other race. Life happens and unless you’re an elite who gets paid to run, you most likely still have to pay your way to run. Although you can run on the cheap like Hollie at Fueled by LOLZ posts HERE.

I believe sharing our goals helps us stay accountable! If you’re training for a marathon or soon to be, link-up with me on Mondays for #MarathonMonday or head on over to Fitness Cheerleader for her #MotivateMe Mondays, if marathons aren’t your thing. There is strength in staying connected!

PS- A little kid note: When mommy went back to marathon training, the kid went back to swim! I may have a future triathlete on my hands. He enjoys biking a ton, swimming, and running. They started a SMART Boys program in our area now so he can be a SMART running boy. 😉


My little squid… Love this boy with all my heart! 🙂

How will you be pushing your limits or challenging your expectations this week, month, or year? Have you every purchased something new that helped motivate you to rock out? What’s are your schedule this week?

Blessed & Beautiful Running!


10 thoughts on “#MarathonMonday Week 2: Magic In The Gloves.

  1. Yeahhhhh for that sprinter! (I am a horrible endurance runner but I love sprinting super-short distances, hahaha. 😛 ) Your new gloves look so warm and toasty! ❤

    I also really love that quote on strength and overcoming things you once thought you couldn't! ❤ When I first started lifting, pullups were what I was goin' after! 😛

  2. I’m so motivated by new gear too…especially when I get a new pair of shoes.
    What a fantastic week! That tempo run was beast! Sometimes my legs have a mind of their own too…I totally understand!

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