#WisdomWednesday: Be Still.


Take time to be still today. Stillness has a mighty way of putting life’s challenges into perspective.
Also, while we are at rest our bodies are busy repairing itself from all the stressors we place on it.
Rest in fact, makes you stronger.

Sometimes we just need to shut up, sit down, and stay in stillness.

Is it hard for you to be still? To rest? How do you find peace?
I try through hot baths, green tea, and yoga… But I’m preaching to the choir here and need desperately to heed my own advice….

Blessed and Beautiful Running.


6 thoughts on “#WisdomWednesday: Be Still.

  1. Preach it, girl! I need more stillness in my life, but it’s definitely hard to do. When I get time to just read or watch TV without thinking about other things I have to do, that’s when I’m finally relaxed. Yoga is relaxing too, but sometimes it feels like just another thing to add to my schedule so during the hour I’m doing it, it’s great…but as soon as I get out of class I start thinking about all the things that still have to get done! Yikes! I wish there was a button to turn our brains off sometimes…

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