Tn’T Tuesday: Let’s Talk Supplements. The Alpha and Omega…-3 Here Fishy!

**Just an FYI: I am not a nutritionist, dietitian, or doctor! Please seek your primary care provider before taking my word on anything. I am simply a runner who enjoys sharing healthy habits that have worked for me.**

First, please allow me to preface this by saying, I firmly believe in consuming your daily nutritional needs by means of raw, good for you food! Spinach for your iron, fruit for your immune C, bananas for potassium, salmon for you omega -3s…
But sometimes we just don’t get all our nutritional needs because our busy lifestyles or maybe you just can’t stand the thought of actually eating fish. However the case I’ve got good news for you! The good and kind folks at Quality Encapsulations offered to send me a bottle of their product and I gladly accepted! I’ve been taking their product for a little over a week now and am pleased to share with you about their product.

Let’s break it down shall we, because I love lists and bullet points. I’m a nerd.

The goods:

  • NO fishy after taste
  • All natural
  • Sweet, slight lemon flavor
    • I had my sister take some as my guinea pig…she agrees! NO fishy taste but a light lemony flavor.
  • Price: around $19.99 ($0.33 / count) for 60 ct. on
  • A bit large of a capsule but no larger than average. The shape of texture of it make it easy to go down.


  • Healthy heart support!
    Every runner needs a strong heart. And because I’m a total research nerd you can trust that I’ve read the proof! I won’t bore you with all the technical, medical, and science jargon but to break it down for you simply: It’s really good for your heart! Check out Mayo Clinic’s post HERE.
  • Brain enhancer
  • Anti-inflammatory effects (1)
  • Mood stabilizer (couldn’t we all benefit here! ha)
  • From QE’s site:
  • For more facts and info: U.S. Department of Health & Human Services


Yes I would take this supplement daily. I don’t eat enough fish in my daily diet and feel as though I have benefited from taking this. Whether or not it’s all in my head, I can tell a definite difference in my sharpness at work and my heart is pumping strong on all my runs…

Try some for yourself! Here’s where to catch them:

Check Quality Encapsulations HERE on AMAZON on the social scene



[[[Oh and guys, on a side note, if you are the praying kind my #Irun4 buddy could use an extra dose right now…battling an infection in the hospital. Praying it’s not septic!!!! When you run today, please send him up a big dose of kind thoughts, wishes, and prayers. Thanks, y’all are the best!]]]

Do you take any supplements or daily vitamins? Or do you feel your daily diet provides all your necessary nutrients? Any supplements you swear by that have helped improve your running?

Blessed & Beautiful Running.

**Disclosure: I was provided one bottle of Quality Encapsulations Omega -3 at no charge in exchange for an honest review. No other form of compensation was given. All opinions and thoughts are my own.**

(1) Cambridge Journals Online


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