#MarathonMonday Week: 1 #RnRNashville

/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/27b/70250740/files/2015/01/img_2800.pngGood evening friends! I’m getting this post out super late. Better super late then never…Cheers to a stupid-busy Monday!
For the past six weeks I have participated in #MotivateMe Mondays with Janice at Fitness Cheerleader and I fully believe it helped me achieve my base mileage building phase goals. I finally hit 40 miles last week! Hooray! But starting this first Monday in January I’m beginning my own little #MarathonMonday. Similar to #MotivateMe Monday, just more heavily focused on specific training not just miles and motivation. So if you’re currently training, fixing to begin, or just starting with me feel free to link-up with #MarathonMonday and share your marathon journey with me. Linking up has been the best way for me to discover new bloggers and I fully encourage you to add a link and “get to know” all the other great bloggers out there. Bloggers are cool, running bloggers are even cooler. 😉

And it begins!! Finally, marathon training for Rock n’ Roll Country Music Nashville commences. I don’t know about you but I THRIVE off routine and schedule. I’m a total nerd. I’m talking books, pens, paper, planners…the works. I’ll be training out of Runner’s World Big Book of Marathon Training, like I’ve mentioned before and plan on sticking to it pretty much to a T. I decided to go with the advanced marathon plan. It’s basically 6 days of running with one “off” day and also says you can replace an “easy” run with XT or rest. I didn’t buy a new running journal this year (insert sad face here) so I’ll be tracking my miles online over at DailyMile and scheduling my runs in my impressive little $1 planner from Target. Word. I’m a high-class runnah.

What do you use to track miles if you do? Do you keep a running journal? I just seem to stick to routine better if I log it.

What this week looks like:

Monday: easy 4 done! The easy miles are almost always easy  to get done. ha.

Tuesday: easy 4

Wednesday: easy 4 + yoga

Thursday: 6 miles hills

Friday: off/weights

Saturday: 5 easy

Sunday: 10 miles LSD + yoga


You’ll notice I’m starting out super easy. This is A-okay with me, because within the 16 week long training period I’ll have plenty of opportunity to beat my body up. The plan I’m following goes through about 6 weeks of hill repeats mixed with easy runs, tempos, and LSD (long slow distance) then it kicks it into higher gear with Yasso 800s, intervals, hills, and the mega LSD, including one 22 miler. Are you familiar with Yasso 800s? Basically you run 800m repeats at your goal marathon time. So if I want to run a 3:30 marathon, then I run 800m in 3 minutes 30 seconds (7 min/mile). Jog for a lap then go again and again and again…I guess we will see if there’s truth to this!


This was one of my most terrible 10 milers…it’s the yellow…there’s a reason I always run in pink! ha! But despite the horribly, uncomfortable run, I press on.

So what keeps me going? Why “train” for another marathon even though I’m certainly no elite? Several things. Not just my desire to run a Boston Qualifying time to prove it to myself that I can, but also for my son, to be an example where persistence and faith will take you, for those sweet babies at St. Jude, for my #IRun4 buddy, for my own sanity, for a testimony of the good faith.

We press on. Let’s do this thing.

Will You be running a marathon this spring? Or any other race distances? If you linked-up with #MotivateMe Monday do you feel it helped you too? Curious to know what encourages YOU–Do you prefer link-ups or reading mileage or do you even care? 🙂 Speak your peace!

Blessed and Beautiful Running.


5 thoughts on “#MarathonMonday Week: 1 #RnRNashville

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  2. It is awesome you want to be an example to your son. You are off to a great start. One of the hardest half marathons I’ve done was in Nashville (hilly and hot). However, we had a BLAST afterwards enjoying the city.

  3. Linkups help me to discover new blogs that I might not ever have found otherwise, so I love em’. 😀

    That’s awesome how you’ve been steadily upping your mileage! ❤ Congrats! 😀 I'm definitely like you with the living off of routines and schedules. (I have this incessant need to plan out all the details of my life, if possible.

    Best of luck to you on your running! It's great that you're so motivated and I love that you're supporting St. Jude's while doing it! ❤

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