WisdomWednesday: Goal For 2015 Is To Be Last

As we close out 2014 many of us think about goals, new dreams, and hopes. We might set resolutions only to forget them by spring. But in 2015 I’ll be doing something a little different…I want to be last. I don’t have some long impassioned post laid out here for you, just a different thought to carry into the new year…

When I began volunteering with SMART Girls (program designed for elementary aged girls on life lessons and running) I began to see running in a whole new light. It became more about community, connecting, enjoying the run, loving the sport. When we coaches run with the girls on race day, we don’t cross the finish line until every last girl has crossed… And we finish with or behind her.

“The last shall be first.”

firstmustbe last

In this we are humbling ourselves to let another rise to her occasion. When you support another you’re not only building them up but also yourself…maybe not in first place or a fast finish but you win first in encouragement…a different manner of first place. Do we always need to race through life? Slow down long enough to encourage another soul.

Is winning or achieving a personal best bad? Heck no!! I’ve got HUGE goals in mind for 2015 which I’ll later lay out here.

All I’m getting at here, if you can manage to follow my ramblings, is simply this:

Be a giver this year. Volunteer. Give to charity. Give your time to the community. Be willing to be last once in a while. Humble yourself. Be selfless. Fight the good fight. Serve.

And just witness your own personal goals explode! Because when you give out of your heart and soul, something incredible happens on the inside of you. Suddenly you have more reason, more purpose, more drive to get up and go. We don’t serve with intent of reward, but personal satisfaction is a natural byproduct.

Don’t just run through the motions next year. Explode with opportunity.

My personal running goals for 2015:

Continue to run with SMART Girls

Inspire someone else to run

Run a few 5ks with my son and husband as a family


March: Sub-29 4 miler at Oskar Blues 4 Miler this was my husband’s first official race! One of my personal favorites.

April: Run a 3:35 marathon at Nashville, TN Rock n’ Roll Music Marathon to BQ! This is the BIG goal for 2015

July: Faster Firecracker 10k this summer — heat has always been my nemesis. I plan on changing this.

October: Break 47 at Flight of the Vampire 10k

Maybe a fast fall marathon depending on personal finances.. There is a Rock n Roll marathon October 18th in MO, where my #IRun4 buddy lives, and nothing would bring me greater joy than to see his sweet face in person! I’ll see how the year plays out.

I don’t have many races on tap as they can be expensive and time consuming but I’ve found that picking out a handful helps me not only hone in on time goals, but also appreciate the events.

I have plenty of personal life, family, blog, and career goals, but I’ll leave this as is, running goals, for now. We have all next year to discuss personal goals, no? I may have one or two surprises up my sleeve…So if you’ll excuse me it’s time for stuffing my face with mammoth amounts of food and time with family. I love spending New Years at home in my pjs with my fab family and watching the ‘ol ball drop on tv. Seriously, nothing is better than this:


family feet. I made sure the photo was blurry so you can’t notice my ugly runner feet 😉

See ya next year!

Happy (& Blessed & BeautifulNew Year!!!

***What are your goals for 2015? Staying in or going out for New Years Eve? Favorite New Years Eve grub? Do you volunteer or plan on it next year?***

Blessed & Beautiful Running.


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