Friday Favorites: Favorite Posts from 2014

Hey guys!! No, I am not quitting my blogging gig. Yes, I had an amazing Christmas! And yes, I am so excited for next week because

a) I have great posts to share with you all
b) the NEW YEAR is coming!!!

I LOVE New Years! It’s a time for renewal, refreshment, new goals, dreams, and chances.

So for this Friday, instead of linking up with other bloggers’ Friday Five (which I’ve had a blast with!) per usual, I decided to go out on a limb and share with you all my most favorite posts from throughout my 2014. Turns out, it’s a Free Friday over at Eat, Pray, Run DC so we get to post what whatever is on our minds today. (As I was re-reading through some of my posts I found a few grammar errors…doh…forgive me, please. Better grammar and spellcheck is on my New Years resolution list.)


January: I had nothing. Took a hiatus here, I guess???

February: Selfie! You’re So Vain I Bet You Think This Post Is About You!

March: The Day I Learned To Like The Color Purple

April: Being Wise Sucks. Ankle Problems.

May: Wisdom Wednesday: Marathons and Marriage

June: Baby Steps and Baby Carrots

July: #IRun4 A Deeper Meaning To Running

August: Missing the Long Run

September: #MotivationalMonday How I Got Into Running

October: Getting Back Into The Stride Of Things

November: Turkey Trot 5k PR and Choosing Joy

December: Running and Worthless and Crazy as Crap

Are you excited about the Mew Year? Any big goals? If you blog, leave me some of your favorite posts so I can enjoy yours too!

Blessed and Beautiful Running.


5 thoughts on “Friday Favorites: Favorite Posts from 2014

  1. Hi from a new reader! Bring on 2015 and my year of running and yoga! I was selected to be a Nuunbassador too! I love the excitement and anticipation of a new year. Can you tell 🙂

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