T’n’T Tuesdays: All About That Base. Marathon Training and Link Love.

Okay, I couldn’t resist the ‘base’ quip in the title of this post. That song has just about had its final day…and now it’s stuck in your head. Sorry ’bout that.

At any rate, it’s Tuesday! Hooray! Why the excitement you ask? I honestly have no specific reason other than I am alive and well. And I had a great eight mile run this morning. Windy, but warmer. I just kept repeating to myself, “Be one with the wind”. HA!


8 miles of wind in my face.

Today’s Tips and Tricks Tuesday is brought to you courtesy of my running brain this morning. As many of you may know, if you’ve been following my #MotivateMe Mondays, I am currently building my mileage back up before I begin marathon training in January.  It also gives me a great incentive to keep active during the holidays. So while on my run this morning I kept reminding myself to slow down and enjoy the ride. Then it made think, maybe I should tell you too. For my blogging friends, do you come up with blog posts while running? Someone should invent an app that records your thoughts while running so you don’t forget your great epiphany of thought.

A few key points to remember when base building:

  • Slow your roll runna! This is the time for building endurance and cardio strength. Most runs should be ran easy. You will have plenty of time, like 16-18 weeks depending, of hard training. Don’t burn yourself out before you begin.
  • Enjoy the run! This is a good time to fall back in love with running. Training can become burdensome with needing to hit certain paces or distances.
  • Build running friendships. This is also an opportune time to log casual miles with friends. During training we tend to get so wrapped up in specific running workouts we forget to enjoy our BRFs (best running friends).
  • If you’re feeling speedy don’t hesitate to add a few pick-ups in the middle of the week. This way when you do begin training hard, your body isn’t too shocked.
  • Add miles gradually. DO NOT go from 15 miles a week to 50 overnight. Bad idea my friends.
  • Listen to your body. Push your limits, but wisely. If you feel pain, attend to it immediately. The last thing you want is to wind up injured before you even initiate marathon training.
  • Remember the trails! Softer surfaces are easier on your joints for longer miles. Just be mindful of the roots. If you trip, that’s not too gentle on your joints…
  • Don’t forget other complimentary activities to keep you strong and healthy like;
    • XT ie: swimming, biking, elliptical, water running
    • Yoga, stretching
    • Strength training. Here’s an excellent read from Relentless Forward Commotion on why strength training is SO vital.
  • Remember why you run the marathon. Keep your eye on the prize and allow your body the time it needs to adjust to the added mileage.

The beauty of the distance is not knowing how to quit…

Some great links to get you started:

Competitor Running: How To Build a Proper Base from Beginners to Advanced

Active: The Importance of Base Building

Runner’s World: Build a Better Base

Strength Running: Forget the 10% Rule

Motivating Blog Posts on Staying Active this time of year:

Jess @ BlondePonyTail

An Uncomplicated Life Blog

NYC Running Mama

Do you focus on building a base before marathon training? Do you follow the 10% rule? How many miles do you average when building base and then, during marathon training? Are you currently training, building, or resting this season?

Blessed & Beautiful Running.

**Disclosure: I am in no way certified (yet) to give you medical, athletic, or training advice. These are only tips and tricks that I have found to work for me. And I simply want to encourage you! So when you get out there to run, run wisely! Consult your personal physician or coach for any concerns! MmmK?**


7 thoughts on “T’n’T Tuesdays: All About That Base. Marathon Training and Link Love.

  1. Nice job on your run today! And thanks for some great tips. They really serve as a good reminder. I especially like the one about not going from 15 miles to 50. I took an off season for the first time in a LONG time this year, and I am building my miles up again now. Most of my friends didn’t take an off season and kept their base a lot higher. They are already up to 18 mile long runs and I’m just at 12. I’m trusting my coach but I’m feeling so impatient and worried that I am behind! My coach actually had me try something a bit new. Before ramping up my miles, he kicked up my intensity. Then, we started base building. It was definitely different and it’s been pretty fun, but I’m ready to get back to my regular marathon mileage. I’m used to 50-60 mile weeks, but last week I had a whopping 36ish miles. Time to get those numbers back up!

    • I haven’t seen 50 miles since my OKC marathon training phase. I’m excited to get back up there too. That definitely is an unconventional way to go about building up. I don’t have a coach so I’m just going by what I read and google lol best to you for 2015!!

      • The guy I use is actually more of a triathlon coach because I used to be a swimmer and have a road bike. I’ve done a few tris, so I am able to use those sports to my advantage for cross training purposes. I chose him because of his background with triathlon for that reason! I really also want to do a full ironman (I’ve done a few halves, but haven’t jumped to a full yet!) and know I want to use him when I decide to commit to that distance. So, it’s definitely an unconventional way to go about training but I’m going to give it a shot. We’ll see what happens! This is definitely all new for me!

    • My #1 goal for this fall/winter season after my A half marathon a few months back was to go into the spring being comfortable doing more volume than I’ve done in the last few years on a consistent basis. For a couple months I did a gradual buildup in weekly volume but sprinkled in 1-3 sessions with some harder effort, once in a while.

      Increasing your top end speed with some good intensity is a great idea before base building. I’ve seen it used by people as a means to hopefully speed up their easy pace, before going into heavy base building.

      Kyle @ SKORA

      • Good to know! When I hired my coach, it was because I wanted to try something new. When he approached me with his idea, I decided to just go with it – even though it is completely different than anything I’ve done. I seemed to be a candidate for this because I’d been running a decent number of miles per week since I had run Chicago back in October. He made me take some time as an off season, but kept my endurance up by doing lots of swimming and biking and easy running. We started to work on intensity about a month ago, and now we are getting ready to do some heavy base building. It’s totally different and I’ve really been enjoying it! I’m hoping it helps.

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