#MotivateMe Monday Link-Up Week #4 Purrring Right Along

Hey, hey errrrrboday! Sure hope the weekend was grand. Mine was a busy one with work and moving more stuff from the old house. So here we are again…our good friend Monday has come around. And that means it’s #MotivateMe Monday link-up hosted by Janice at Fitness Cheerleader and Rachel at Running Rachel


Excited to say I hit my mileage goal right at 35 miles!! My week didn’t go exactly as planned due to work and other miscellaneous life happenings, but the important thing is that I found a way to get my miles in while balancing home and work. Weeks in life don’t always go as planned that’s when we must roll up our sleeves and get it done one way or the other. Like running seven miles before bed Sunday night….And I really believe that linking up with #MotivateMe has helped give me that extra push to get it done no matter what. Accountability is key here. I’m absolutely loving the road lately too. Great weather!


So here’s this week’s game plan:

Monday: 6 miles easy done!

Tuesday: 7 miles easy

Wednesday: 8 miles hills/Yoga

Thursday: 4 easy

Friday: off/XT

Saturday: 10 LSD

Sunday: easy 5

Total mileage: 40 miles

And you know the more miles I get in the more I feel puuuuurfectly feliiine. My body seems to crave more. Especially stretching it out…my motor is purring…


Have to keep this short due to that nasty four letter word—-w-o-r-k. boo.

How are your goals coming along? Any races this month? Is December a difficult month to stay motivated fitness wise?

Blessed & Beautiful Running.


2 thoughts on “#MotivateMe Monday Link-Up Week #4 Purrring Right Along

  1. Way to get it done!! I need to follow your example – running is by far my favourite exercise. When I plan a strength workout at a busy time of year (Christmas) the strength workouts are the first to get skipped, but the running ones are never skipped. I should just plan more running during stressful times. I can’t wait to read that you knocked the 40 miles out of the park next week. Great job & thanks for linking up!

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