Friday Five: Favorite Winter Activities—Running on Hot Chocolate!!

IMG_2566.PNGAs per usual I’m joining in Run, Eat, Pray DC‘s Friday Five fun, along with Mar On the Run, and You Signed Up for What?! For more info on the link-up click HERE. Be sure to check out all the other great bloggers linking up and play nice! I’ve had a ton of fun “getting to know” some of the other bloggers out there. Blogging is about connect with other like-minded (runners) people, right? Enjoy!

This week’s link-up is all about shiver-me-timers activities. Aka: winter! Ack. Winter and I are usually not good friends but I came up with a list for you guys anyway. I had to really pick my brain on this one.

My Five Favorite activities include, but not limited to:

1.) drinking hot chocolate
2.) drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows
3.) drinking cinnamon dolce hot chocolate ((now that’s good stuff my friends))
4.) drinking hot chocolate with extra marshmallows
5.) snuggling.

Haha—okay, so seriously, winter is a hard time for me. I’ve always had a strong disdain for the season. It’s cold. Dark. Depressing. Darker. Depressing. Colder.

Or at least that’s how I used to view the frigid, frosty season. For those of you in Florida or any other sunny place I’m envious!! Stay warm for me!
So I’ve really come up with five winter activities that keep me happy during the winter darkness:

1.) Snuggling with my Mr. and my little D! Cold temps give us a good reason to get a little closer… I must have a hundred throw blankets I love!


the kid enjoying a s’more or two at our Twilight Tour.

2.) Drinking hot chocolate! For real. It’s one of my favorite indulgences. Oh, and s’mores. Love me some s’mores!! Ps- have you tried making s’mores with Reese’s? Because. It. Is. The. Bomb. Diggity. Yo. I know, I know. You can can thank me later for this brilliant idea. Actually, my girlfriend had them at her wedding so I stole her idea. But whatever.


yeeeeah, I’m not that BOSS. I’m more like the woman on the left…Photo Source

3.) Running. Well, this is more of a favorite/least favorite. I feel like a total boss out there in the cold wind. Plus, I feel like I actually earned the over abundance of hot chocolate consumption.

4.) Watching movies. Okay, this is a rather lazy activity but I definitely enjoy the chance to relax from the busyness of the summer and fall seasons. Winter can be a time of rest. Too bad we can’t hibernate completely like the bears!


Shadrack’s Christmas Wonderland Lights, Asheville, NC

{photo source}

5.) Christmas light sight seeing! Brings out the kid in us all. 🙂

Do you struggle to stay peppy in the winter? Do you run outside or ‘mill it in the dark, cold, depressing that is called winter? Christmas lights yay or nay?

Blessed & Beautiful Running!


6 thoughts on “Friday Five: Favorite Winter Activities—Running on Hot Chocolate!!

  1. I feel like we’re the same person when it comes to winter. Definitely with you on your first five! 😛 (But snuggling, hot chocolate, and Christmas light sightseeing are also some of my favorites!)

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