Wisdom Wednesday: Running into Headwinds How to Run in the Wind Emotionally and Practically

“He mounted the cherubim and flew; he soared on the wings of the wind.” 2 Samuel 22:11

Except I would replace cherubim for Mizunos. Mount on your Mizunos and soar! And I highly recommend reading through all of 2 Samuel 22…excellent words of hope.


Windy ponytail!

Wiiiiindy running can be a challenge. Some days it feels like there’s a constant headwind with zero tailwind to make up for it.
As in life, there will be seasons where it may seem impossible to get anywhere. Debt is mounting. Injuries are hindering your training progress. Family crisises throw a wrench into your life’s game plan. Health woes burden your body…But here’s a secret:

Run straight ahead into the headwinds.  You’ll come out stronger.

You may not feel it now, but I bet if you stop to look back into your life and all the troubled times where you thought there was no way out and then you somehow made it, you’ll realize you’re a lot tougher than you remember. And if you still struggle, it helps to remember those who may be in tougher situations than ourselves.  My #IRun4 buddy has been spending a LOT of his holiday season in and out of the hospital, including surgeries and testing. Out of all my difficult seasons and/or races, he deserves more medals than anyone I know. My burdens compare to nothing with the trials his family are facing.  But they are resilient, hopeful, and have the greatest of attitudes. They are truly an inspiration. I challenge you to find someone out there who is running into stronger headwinds than you and pray fiercely for them daily. It will humble you and put your woes into perspective. Not that for one second does this discount your troubled heart, a troubled heart is a troubled heart and it hurts no matter how big or small it seems to others.



That’s why I think I enjoyed this morning’s run so much.
I was fighting. Albeit not gracefully, but I was getting crap done.
That’s how we must take life. Head on. Don’t be scared to feel a little wind burn. It makes for rosy cheeks. And chapped lips. But that’s why you break out the sunblock for all practical purposes folks!! Yes, even in the winter.

I’m in no way telling you to face the elements unprotected. In life as well. Go ahead and take your precautions and then get after it.
And I’m also not forgetting to say, that sometimes you just have to stop and breathe. The wind of life has a way of taking your breathe away. Not always in like a romantic-sweep-me-off-my-feet kinda way either. There can definitely be times in our lives where we simply must stop. Where life can become so burdensome that we crumble. And that’s okay. Allow yourself that time to recoup. Then, dust yourself off and get back at it.

 “That which does not kill us, makes us stronger.” ~ Nietzsche

Wind Run, eh?

Wind Run, eh?

Strength in the wind.
Power in the fight.
Run, run with all your might.

You find my poem clever? I thought so.

For a few practical tips on running in the wind check out these great sites I stumbled upon:

Triathica: Racing in the Wind

Run With Jess: Running in the Wind

Runner’s World: Running Against the Wind

I enjoyed this bit from Runner’s World, “Be the Wind”:

Be the Wind: Running against the wind gives you a tremendous mental edge.

Anyways, on a wee bit lighter winded note: 

NUUN trivia of the day:

it’s actually pronounced {noon}
I’ve been guilty of saying {none}
I may be the sole athlete in the world who has been goofing up this pronunciation, but at least I know now. Amazing what happens when you read a company’s info.

Do you run in winter wind? What do you use to aid in the chill? How do you deal with life’s headwinds? Have you been pronouncing NUUN correctly?!

Blessed & Beautiful Running (like the wind…).

“You provide a broad path for my feet, so that my ankles do not give way.” ~ 2 Samuel 22:37 be a strong runner physically and spiritually.


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