#MotivateMe Monday Week # 3 Hitting It Strong!

Once again I’m joining in the #MotivateMe Monday link-up created by Janice at Fitness Cheerleader. She’s a super motivator! Go check her out now. Seriously. Stop reading my post, go visit her blog, and hop back here. 😉


What a week! Work was nuts, still moving things here and there to the new home, and a REINDEER RUN with SMART Girls
But I’m happy to report I hit my mileage goal: 33 miles! Hooray! Feeling strong y’all. If you’ve been following along, then you know I’m in the process of building a solid base mileage to begin marathon training the first week of January.
We celebrate the highs because we know the lows help bring us here. So if you are finding yourself in a low or lull, rest assure my friend, your high is coming. Just keep on keeping on and know I’m here to encourage YOU!

Plus a few other cool things this week…see in above photo the cool pink top? A sweet, fellow friend in the running community had read my blog post where I mentioned that pink is my superpower and wanted to gift me a top that was a bit too bright for her.
I. Absolutely. Love. It.
It’s Nike pro compression. Warm, snug, and has thumb loops.
Runners, I’ve always thought, are the kindest people.

Another sweet pink deal, purchased another flavor of NUUN to try. Again, (PINK) strawberry lemonade. NUUN is about the only electrolyte drink that honestly carries me through an entire run without crashing. Have you tried NUUN?


Annnnnd got to try out the new CamelBak. Love. I plan on giving it a full review sometime this week. It’s not pink but I still love it.


This Week’s goal:

Monday: REST

Tuesday: 8 miles

Wednesday: easy 4 miles plus yoga

Thursday: 8 miles with pick ups

Friday: REST

Saturday: long run 11miles

Sunday: easy 4

Total mileage goal: 35

How are your goals coming along? Any exciting December races? What color is YOUR superpower? Are you in a high or lull right now?

Blessed and Beautiful Running.


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