The Rawness of the Road — Thoughts for Thursday

Today’s thought for Thursday came to me on a run. It’s a bit lengthy and deep but I believe most runners can relate on a personal level. If you read through the end congrats on sticking with me! 😉
The Rawness of the Road

The road is open and the run is freedom.
The road doesn’t judge or criticize.
The darkened pavement doesn’t speak to tell me the things I should do or should not do.
The road doesn’t demand permission to just be.
It let’s me be.
The road listens to my thoughts without complaint or annoyance.
The road isn’t constantly thinking of a reply to my words.
The road allows me to
Breathe. Freely.
The road allows my heart to
Beat. Strongly.
It allows my soul to
Sing. Wildly.
It doesn’t mind if I need to cry or wimper.
It allows me to scream if I need to let the stress or anger loose.
It doesn’t judge my grumbling.
It catches me, albeit roughly, if I should fall.
The road encourages me to think and clarify my thoughts.
I ponder aimlessly without care of solving anything…and then I do solve my puzzles.
The road allows me to feel every single emotion.
It never judges my feelings or emotions.
The road doesn’t instruct me on how I should or shouldn’t feel.
It let’s me be imperfect, insane, impossible, impulsive.
I am allowed to run without reservation.
The road allow me to be
A sinner. A saint.
The world is God’s playground for my feet.
The road reminds me that He loves me deeply no matter how inconsolable I get and that I can always be greater in Him.
The road doesn’t assume I’m wrong, ignorant, or careless.
If my heart is broken, my soul is crushed, or my spirits are low, I run.
If I’m on top of the world, have everything under control, or zealous beyond words, I run.
The road doesn’t care if I should change my mind and choose the road less traveled.
It allows me to carry on.
The road will not condemn me.
It isn’t prejudice against how small my account is or how much education or ‘religion’ I have.
The road doesn’t hold me to the worlds impossible standards and demands.
It doesn’t mind if I’m feeling weak, worn, weary, and broken down.
Or if I have to
The road doesn’t imply that I’m not good or strong enough.
The road keeps my secrets and never questions my thoughts as if they were illogical.
Because I’m sure they are.
But the road doesn’t mind.
It allows me to pound step after step
And if I’m a little crazy?
It’s raw. It’s real. And it’s beautiful. And it’s ok.


What is the road to you?

Blessed and Beautiful Running.


3 thoughts on “The Rawness of the Road — Thoughts for Thursday

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