Wisdom Wednesday: SMART Girls…Bigger Than Me

If you’ve followed my blog for the past year then you may know that I volunteered this past spring and fall as a coach for SMART Girls–an organization designed to encourage healthy and active young girls. They play, participate in warm up games, run–of course–talk about life skills such as self esteem, bullying, team building, healthy food, and etc. Volunteering just takes time and willingness. It’s not about me, it’s about the girls and their healthy development.


As we’ve come to the end of the season I’m profoundly grateful.
Every Wednesday that I volunteer as a SMART Girls coach, I always feel blessed by the end of the day. There’s no doubt about it. Even when…

Sometimes I’m exhausted from work.

Sometimes I’m tired and cranky.

Sometimes I’m starving to freaking death hungry.

Sometimes I just don’t feel good.

But sometimes you just gotta pull that crap outta yourself because there’s a little life that needs you more than you need your own whining to the world.

But after all is said and done, I’ve never regretted a single moment during a SMART season.

Today while running with one sweet girl, she confiding in me about some painful family issues. My heart broke for her. But I knew that my listening, giving all the energy I had left to run with her, and smiling every step of the way made her day. She smiled and talked about the good things too, talked about running, her crazy pants that kept twisting, and ran on like a STRONG, SMART girl.

It’s moments like these that will remind you that there’s so many people in life that need a listening and caring ear. That life is so much bigger than just you. That not all your problems or issues are so terrible. That your tiredness isn’t too much. That life is truly about connecting with and loving others. And working with the other coaches has sure blessed my socks off. There’s nothing quite so rewarding as when you’re working side by side with like minded people who care just as deeply for the same cause. And care just as deeply about eating burgers. 🙂

There’s really so much more I’d like to write…but I’m suuuuper tired and my post is already out super late. Just know how important it is to give back to the community and invest in others’ lives… I challenge you to give back in some way this week. Let me know if and how you do! Remember, it’s only time and willingness.

So here’s to another amazing season of SMART Girls and cool neon yellow shirts! Wish the girls strong and happy running this weekend as they have their 5k race to end the season this Saturday!!

Has there ever been moments in your life where you just didn’t feel like it but carried on and received a blessing? Do you volunteer with any kind of program?

Blessed and Beautiful Running.


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