#MotivateMe Monday! Edition #2 Moving Homes and Staying Fit

**Sorry for such a late motivation Monday post and for all the typos and grammatical errors you may find. It’s been a super busy weekend.
Hey guys! I can not believe we are already here. Monday December 1st!! It’s always been my tradition to put the christmas tree up by now however, moving homes has kinda put a kink in plans. But, Wowza! Do I love our new place. My husband has been searching high and low for a place suitable for our new family. He’s a great provider and I couldn’t be any more blessed!!
So how in the world do you stay motivated when moving has absolutely exhausted you? Well you
join in with #MotivateMe Monday link up. Also, getting most of my runs in before the day really begins and before my body knows what I’m doing. I’m curious to see how I do this week with still getting a new home in order, learning the neighborhood, and which roads are safe. I think I’ll end up driving to town to get my runs in. But still, our new home is only about 5 minutes from town so no big deal.
So anyway, now that I’ve rambled on relentlessly, hopefully you’re still here reading for the important part! I joined in last week with #MotivateMe Mondays brought to you by Janice over at Fitness Cheerleader


Last week I had a goal of 25 miles. I’m pleased to say I met this goal! Hooray for #MotivateMe Mondays!! I hit all my runs plus a little extra with the last minute Turkey Trot 5k decision.

So this week’s game plan:

Monday: 7 miles easy done!

Tuesday: 4 miles easy
Wednesday: Yoga
Thursday: 6 miles with pick ups
Friday: rest
Saturday: Reindeer Run 5k with SMART Girls 3+miles
Sunday: 10 mile long run

Total mileage goal: 30 miles

What motivates you to get going when life is really going?!

Blessed and Beautiful Running!


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