Why #Run1?

I’ll be running #Run1 with my family January 1st! Will you? What are you running the first of the year?

Last December I spent the last few days of the year taking a much needed break from running after finishing a big marathon.  My legs and my mind needed a rest but I couldn’t rest long.  The first of the year was calling.  There’s just something about running on January 1st… It’s a new beginning and no matter how great or bad the previous year was, it offers a chance to start fresh.  Ready or not I wanted to get my year started with a run.

I knew my first run back would be easy.  I just wanted to enjoy the moment and be thankful that I was able to run.  I decided to ask my oldest daughter if she wanted to run with me.  Abi joined me for a cold but beautiful run around the neighborhood.

January 1, 2014 January 1, 2014

A few weeks ago while I was reflecting on how…

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T’n’T Tuesday: Runner’s High…Visibility! Safety Issues.

Listen, I realize that y’all are probably exhausted from reading about the whole safety issue…but it is still a HUGE issue! We recently had a few attempts of an attack here in my neck of the woods. As a runner you can encounter so many different dangerous situations: traffic, attackers, dogs, bears…just to name a few. So I’ve complied all the safety tips I can think of plus some others. I am also really excited to introduce you to an innovative safety product called Tuvizo! More on that later, but first here’s some basic safety notes to consider.


“runners” pepper spray. Made with a velcro strap that fits comfortably in hand.

Key safety points:

  • Use the buddy system, run with friends!
  • safe routes, try to run in well populated areas with lots of lights
  • pepper spray
  • let someone know time/place, always make someone aware of when, where, and what time you expect to return
  • carry a cell phone
  • avoid the use of headphones so you can hear traffic and potential attackers or animals, but if you must have your music, keep only one headphone in, tuck the other in your shirt.
  • maybe invest in a self-defense class so that in the event you are attacked you’re prepared.


  • headlamp
  • knuckle lights
  • wear bright clothing
  • run against traffic so you can easily see oncoming and they can see you
  • run during lighter hours if possible and if it’s not then wear reflective gear,

Wear a Tuvizo reflective vest!!

It’s a high visibility, affordable vest that highlights you. And look how cute it is:


Of course I went with neon pink. Too much pink on me?? Naaah…

The vest is comfortable, adjustable, buckles easy, and does not slip or ride up. For more detailed info check out their video on YouTube HERE.

You can find two color options in pink (yay!) and yellow.

The deets:

Fit: snug, barely notice it’s on

Price: around the $24.00 mark on Amazon

Overall verdict: I’ve worn this vest a handful of times and really appreciate the added sense of security of being seen. Definitely not a product that gets stuck in the closet to collect dust. You’ll be seeing me!

Where to invest in your safety: currently sold on Amazon


Tuvizo on the social scene:




Links to other great safety tips:

FitFluential Tips 

RRCA Basic Safety

Women’s Running 8 Tips for Night Safety Running

Serious Running Trail Safety Tips


Tuvizo, for your dark ‘o thirty running times

What safety tips do you have to add? Do you wear any reflective gear? Have you heard of Tuvizo?  Would you be willing to give it a try? Do you run at night or early morning?

Blessed & Beautiful ( & Safe ) Running.

**Disclosure: I was provided a Tuvizo vest at no charge in exchange for an honest review. No other form of compensation was given. All opinions and thoughts are my own.**

#MotivateMe Monday Week #5 & #6 End of Year!

#MotivateMe Mondays brought to you by Fitness Cheerleader and Running Rachel

#MotivateMe Mondays brought to you by Fitness Cheerleader and Running Rachel

It’s already been FIVE SIX weeks?! How? More crazy, I’ve kept every single mileage goal each week. Thank you #MotivateMe! With the exception of Christmas week…but I think after five weeks of mileage build-up it was due time to give my body a break. (oh, and I realize I didn’t post last Monday…forgive me. Last week was exceptionally busy for me.) I was feeling disgruntled over the fact that I didn’t meet my mileage goal the previous week either, until I read back to my first #MotivateMe post and realized I did in fact meet my goal. I had set a 35-40 miles goal for the week and hit 36. I was stressing over not meeting the 40 mile mark. But life happens. It’s called family, holidays, and work. I still managed to get in 36 miles! Celebrate each #SmallVictory. 36 miles is no small victory though, no? This past week was a wash with only 21. Do you tend to fall back on mileage or fitness during the week of Christmas? I think it’s okay and completely acceptable in fact. I usually spend all year running, training, or striving for good fitness that enjoying one week of free play (and treats!) is needed.

I haven’t been doing much strength training or cross training either. This is something I definitely need to improve on. When I’m already running what feels like a trillion miles, how do you add other fitness in?! Where there’s a will there’s a way and I’ll figure it out.

But in the mean time what have I been up to? Enjoying our new home, family, work, work, work, running, and more work, then Christmas with the family. We kept it low key for our first Christmas as a newly married couple/family.

Waiting on Santa...keeping things balanced with cookies and carrots..

Waiting on Santa…keeping things balanced with cookies and carrots..

Christmas surprise to me from the in-laws! I plan on breaking these pink Mizunos in to around 50 miles or so then keeping them off until the marathon in April. I’ve always wanted a pair of the Wave Prophecys and I must say I do love them. They seem a bit heavier but definitely have a nice bounce to them.




We made time to squeeze in a few fun runs with the family and pooch. Like I’ve mentioned before, when base building take time to enjoy the run! If you follow me on Facebook then you’ve already seen these cute photos…so I apologize for the duplicates!


The family that runs together, sticks together.

Yesterday, I decided to embark on an easy run around our new neighborhood. I figured I would get lost. And I did. Instead of an easy two miles the pooch and I got in four miles of rain, hills, and wind. We really have been fortunate with amazing weather most days, full of sunshine! Not too cold, no snow. It wasn’t really cold this morning, around 52*. Pretty warm for December.  Some slow miles here today, but we I had to walk up some of those gnarly hills. I believe Jazzy helped pull me up…Our new neighborhood is going to make for some killer hill workouts…


Rainy run with the pooch.


So we are one week away from marathon training and less than one week away from 2015. Who else is super excited?! I plan on going with the advanced Marathon Plan from the Runner’s World Big Book of Marathon Training this time. I have high hopes for a BQ time…I used this book back in 2013 and took 20 minutes off my marathon time…

What’s on tap this week: (last week before marathon training.)

Monday: Easy 3 miles at home on the ‘mill

Tuesday: 6 miles in town

Wednesday: Easy 4 miles on the ‘mill– Vinyasa yoga in the evening

Thursday: 8 miles easy

Friday: Off or XT/strength body-weight workout at home of some sort

Saturday: LSD 12 miles

Sunday: Easy 7 — Vinyasa yoga in the evening

Total miles: 40


How will you be running the last few days of 2014? Any big goals or races on tap for the new year? 

Here’s to a beautiful week!

Blessed & Beautiful Running.

Friday Favorites: Favorite Posts from 2014

Hey guys!! No, I am not quitting my blogging gig. Yes, I had an amazing Christmas! And yes, I am so excited for next week because

a) I have great posts to share with you all
b) the NEW YEAR is coming!!!

I LOVE New Years! It’s a time for renewal, refreshment, new goals, dreams, and chances.

So for this Friday, instead of linking up with other bloggers’ Friday Five (which I’ve had a blast with!) per usual, I decided to go out on a limb and share with you all my most favorite posts from throughout my 2014. Turns out, it’s a Free Friday over at Eat, Pray, Run DC so we get to post what whatever is on our minds today. (As I was re-reading through some of my posts I found a few grammar errors…doh…forgive me, please. Better grammar and spellcheck is on my New Years resolution list.)


January: I had nothing. Took a hiatus here, I guess???

February: Selfie! You’re So Vain I Bet You Think This Post Is About You!

March: The Day I Learned To Like The Color Purple

April: Being Wise Sucks. Ankle Problems.

May: Wisdom Wednesday: Marathons and Marriage

June: Baby Steps and Baby Carrots

July: #IRun4 A Deeper Meaning To Running

August: Missing the Long Run

September: #MotivationalMonday How I Got Into Running

October: Getting Back Into The Stride Of Things

November: Turkey Trot 5k PR and Choosing Joy

December: Running and Worthless and Crazy as Crap

Are you excited about the Mew Year? Any big goals? If you blog, leave me some of your favorite posts so I can enjoy yours too!

Blessed and Beautiful Running.

A Funny For Your Friday

/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/27b/70250740/files/2014/12/img_1103.jpg Except this photo should read: To the road or trails lol
This is about all I have today my friends. I usually link-up with Eat, Pray, Run DC Friday Five but today there’s just not the time to post much. My j-o-b is being a total bear right now and I’ve been feeling super lethargic. Pharmacy is cray cray. And this weekend will be super busy with work, the in-laws coming to visit, and a 10 miler on Sunday.
I do have some great posts lined up for y’all next week including a Tuvizo and Omeg-3 review and other cool things so expect more meaningful content next week. But as for the weekend. I’m out!
Here’s to a wonderful, busy weekend!

What does your weekend look like? Busy or chill? Running? Working? All of it?!

Blessed & Beautiful Running.