Wisdom Wednesday: Keep The Passion Alive

You do what you do because there’s a passion deep inside you. Somedays we doubt why or if we can do what we crave. The good Lord wouldn’t have placed certain passions in our hearts if we weren’t meant to use those gifts and talents. Take heart.
When you find yourself weak, remember where your strength comes from and don’t lose hope.
Press on. Live to make a difference. Breathe in peace and exhale hope. Chase your passions relentlessly and without hesitation. Know that the fire inside you is there for a very specific reason and purpose.
Do not let the ugly side of this world bring you down or sway you into thinking your dreams are too far fetched or nonsensical. You tell show them what you’re made of. The world’s wisdom isn’t like what The Lord imparts on us. His is greater and incredibly great. Beyond human comprehension.

Go get ’em tiger.

What’s your passion or calling in life? Do you feel you have one? What do you do when the passion wavers or you feel uninspired to carry on?

Blessed and Beautiful Running.


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