Wisdom Wednesday: Toxic

I had the pleasure of attending my husband’s Rotary Club meeting yesterday and timing couldn’t be more perfect. They had a sales coach guest speaker who had a ton of great points to help the entrepreneur or employee to see their value and ask for what they were truly worth. But one point really hit home for me. This point could be applied to any situation. Not just work. She said a quote that struck a chord in me and resonated in my mind and I’m hoping you’ll feel it too.


Is your glass half full or half empty right now? What’s in your glass? Maybe it’s totally full. Maybe it’s almost empty. But what I mean to bring to the wisdom table is this…
Sometimes the thing we are full of isn’t so great. Maybe we say ‘oh yeah my life is great and I’m a half full glass kinda gal’ to the world but on the inside we are hurting or feel like we are completely dying. Sometimes it’s time to clean out your cup.
Pain is real folks. And working through that pain is no joke. My challenge to you, especially as we approach the holiday season which can be difficult for many at best, is to take an honest look at your insides.
Are being real, authentic, and vulnerable? Do you see your worth? Are you being honest with The Lord and yourself?
Have there been goals made and not achieved? Do you have dreams that have been dashed? Have you let these things stop you from living in the now and from believing in faith? Have you let toxic thoughts, attitudes, and feelings fill your cup with pretend happiness from the world? The world will promise you beautiful lies, but I know a source who can fill your cup to overflowing with goodness.


Is your glass half empty or half full right now, honestly?

Blessed and Beautiful Running.


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