#PoweredbyBits ENERGYBits Review +GIVEAWAY



*I usually like to participate in Courtney’s Friday Five (be sure to stop by her post and the others’ linked for some great additional tips!!) but since I’ve already given you my thoughts on cold weather running, I thought I’d host a giveaway instead!
If you’ve been on the blogging and running scene long enough you may have heard about ENERGYBits. But you may not realize they offer other products like RECOVERYBits. The samples came in the mail right on time as I had just got ahold of some kind of sickness that plagued my body. Please notice my Rudolf red nose as I was sniffing and coughing my head off that day. Three days before my marathon race!! So as soon as I received the Bits in the mail I swallowed a handful of them.


RecoveryBits help you recover quicker!

I won’t say that it somehow magically cured me right away, but I will say that it definitely helped me plug along and not get too much worse. I only had two servings in my sample so I wonder how much better I might of felt had I had a week’s worth?
I was also given a sample of ENERGYBits and I chose to take those during my marathon. I ended up dropping half the can, because I’m graceful like that, but I do believe that having some helped me get through the race even though I felt just awful. I have tried them in the past and have had a great experience with them during speedwork.
I will not promise you some kind of magical boost that radically changes your energy levels, but I will promise you a steady stream of natural energy.

On a side note, I was watching the History Channel while in Savanna for the Rock n’ Roll Marathon and caught the tv series about the Israelites and how they could have very well survived off a green, algae substance…called chlorella. It caught my attention to hear the green goodness on the History channel. If people could survive off this algae for months, how much more awesome would it be to have it along with our all so nutritious diet?

The goods:
RECOVERYBits contain 100% organically grown Chlorella algae. 100% gluten free. Non GMO.
No caffeine.
No sugar.
No crash.
Pure plant based nutrition.
Basically a superfood.
No tummy issues.
Easy to swallow. It’s recommended to not chew. It definitely has a super green flavor. Not bad. Just green.

The price:
$115.00 for one bag of 1,000 bits
Which averages out to roughly $2.80/serving. Slightly pricier than your typical energy bar (that is usually full of other unnatural ingredients…just saying)
Basically you are what you put in your body, if you buy cheap you’ll feel cheap. If you want quality then you’ll feel the quality. I promise.

For additional info on the health and scientific properties check out the sites listed below:

•Health: How Stuff Works

•Mercola: Detoxification Tool

Now here’s your chance to try ’em green, lean little beans tabs!


1.) Must be a US resident. Sorry to all my other country friends!

2.) To enter: you simply leave a comment on this post telling me how you ward off flu season or how you fuel your runs. You have until next Thursday at midnight to enter.
**For an additional entry head over Facebook and ‘Like’ Flying Feet
and leave a comment on the pin up top of the page. 🙂

3.) Winner will be chosen at random by drawing a name out of a bowl. Real high tech method. I know.

4.) Winner will be announced NEXT FRIDAY.

5.) Winner will contact me with address information and it will be forwarded to my good friends at ENERGYBits.

6.) Take ENERGYBits and ENJOY! Spread the word on how awesome they are on Twitter and Facebook.

*Disclosure: I was sent a sample of ENERGYBits and RECOVERYBits at no charge to me. I was given the opportunity to review and host a giveaway with no additional compensation.

Have you heard of RECOVERYBits? What do you use to ward off cold symptoms? What are you currently using to fuel your runs and/or workouts?

Blessed & Beautiful Running!


11 thoughts on “#PoweredbyBits ENERGYBits Review +GIVEAWAY

  1. I am very careful about where i am during flu season, as I take care of my mom and dad who are seniors with compromised immune systems. I wash my hands often take vitamins and use mostly natural food in as close to their real state as I can! I notice the better my diet, the better I feel!

  2. I basically just try to get enough sleep and maintain a healthy diet + exercise routine. Since I’m working in the hospital, I’m kinda required to get a flu shot too, so I suppose that helps as well!

  3. The only thing I do during “flu season” is make sure I take my vitamins 100 percent of the time, and hope for the best. I am terrible at fueling for my runs! I dont fuel properly at all, and this has made for some tough runs in the past, I can’t seem to get a good handle on it though. It’s either too much, too little, gives me cramps….I’m in a cycle of major trail and error, and it’s mostly been error!

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  5. To ward off the flu, I do get an annual flu shot. Aside from that, I wash my hands frequently, eat as healthy as possible, drink lots of liquids, and make sure I sleep. I’m always training for something, so I keep an eye out on overtraining, too.

    As for fueling during races, I usually use water and G2 for hydration and gels like GU (Chocolate and Peanut Butter are awesome tasting, but Tri-Berry is the most agreeable with me) and Clif Shots (Chocolate is my favorite, but I don’t use it as much) for fuel. However, this marathon training cycle, I am going to test out Hammer Gels (Huckleberry and/or Vanilla), because GUs haven’t been as helpful as they used to be. In addition to just fueling and hydrating, the TIMING of taking it is key.

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