Wisdom Wednesday: You Can’t Always Get What You Want

How do you respond when the thing you craved most isn’t available, or plans fell through, or suddenly you find yourself without what you needed or wanted, or people don’t behave or do what you expect? Let’s say it’s something you’ve worked really hard for some quite some time…
I’ll be quick to admit here… that I’m not always a peach.
My first tendency is to pout.
Get super angry and think, or say out loud, ‘But whyyyy me?! This is SO NOT fair!!’
Real mature y’all. I know.
But in praying and recollecting myself this morning I had a revelation. Or rather Joyce Meyers did. (Do you ever read her devos?) And her words this morning struck a cord with me.

Although God does want us to have a good life, there will be times when we must be patient and endure not getting our way. These disappointments test our character and level of spiritual maturity. They actually show whether or not we truly are ready for promotion.

Although I’m not up for a promotion it does resonate with me in that I may not be mature enough to handle certain things yet. Or that maybe my heart needs a little more work.
We could all use a little more heart work. So before we start our grievances against the world, let’s take an honest look within ourselves, why is it that we need said thing? Does it align with God’s will? Maybe the thing you desire (a BQ for me) isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but maybe it’s just not time. Maybe, just maybe, if we hold on a little longer there’s something even better in-store ahead.


How do you deal with disappointment?

Blessed & Beautiful Running.


2 thoughts on “Wisdom Wednesday: You Can’t Always Get What You Want

  1. Amen. And we all deal on different levels with disappointment. For me, I’m just proud of myself when I can stay calm, and I know that I’m growing and that my prayers are being heard. I do pray for patience quite regularly.

    And while you can’t always get what you want, the great Jagger does say that “if you try sometimes, you’ll find you get what you need.” So there’s that. 😉

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