Friday Five : 5 Ways to Avoid Holiday Plumpsies

Cookies, cakes, and pies…oh my!
Today I’m linking up with the amazing Courtney at Eat, Pray, Run DC, Cynthia at You Signed Up For What?!, and Mar at Mar On The Run for the Friday Five link up. Find info HERE on how to play along, nicely! Santa’s watching, remember.

1.) Probably one of the best ways to avoid sugary foods and drinks is to load up on hot tea. Add a teeny bit of honey and gobs of cinnamon if you feel so inclined. I find if I tell myself I can have chocolate, cake, or whatever after I’ve had my tea then I can have said treat, I tend to not eat said treat. 9 times out of 10 tea satisfies the craving. And if it’s green tea it’s super good for you! Green tea can help detox the system and purge your body of bad free radicals.

2.) Don’t hibernate. Completely.. Walk, run, do at-home workout DVDs, bundle up and go outside. Whatever you can do to stay active. Just a little activity can go a long ways. Don’t lose your fitness just because it’s cold outside. It’s okay to scale back (hey, it is the holidays after all) a little and enjoy the season but just be sure to add some physical activity 3-5 days a week.

3.) Do indulge a little! If you deny yourself totally you’ll more than likely end up over eating in the long run. So go ahead and have one slice of pie. My all time favorite is pumpkin pie!

4.) Find a local running group and sign up for some races together. Turkey Trot, Reindeer Run etc… You’ll find more motivation being around motivated people. You’re more likely to keep a running date with a friend than yourself. Connect!

5.) Keep a log. Excercise, running, food log. One or all! Putting it in writing can solidify in your mind what you’re really eating. Or how much activity you’re really getting in. It’s a great way to be honest with yourself. However, on two certain days of the year I do not log, Thanksgiving and Christmas! It’s okay to have a cheat day as long as it just stays that one day.

So there you go. There’s my 5 tips for a healthier holiday. It’s your turn. What kind of tips do you have to add?

PS- There’s kind Rock n’ Roll marathon happening this weekend in Savanna!I’m so stoked! Instead of aiming for a BQ, like I’ve posted recently, I’m going just for the sheer pleasure of it. I know, run 26.2 miles for sheer pleasure. I’m sick in the head. Ha. No, literally I am sick in the head. Still coughing, a little stuffy but I’m running anyway. I feel so much better than earlier this week. I didn’t have any kind of stomach issues to speak of, no strep throat, or anything like that. Think I caught a nasty, nasty head cold. So I’m good to run! It may be slow but like I posted on Facebook today,

Running is a gift. A blessing that clears your mind, feeds your soul, and fuels your passion for life. I realize I’m truly, truly blessed.

This may be my slowest marathon time ever tomorrow due to lack of training ((something about a wedding and honeymoon πŸ˜‰ that I def don’t regret for a second)) and then getting seriously sick this week… A HUGE thank you to all who have prayed for me and an even BIGGER thank you to my new in-laws for stepping in and helping with little man while we run. That way my hubby can still run his first official half and I still have my little booger with me while I run too. He’s not missed one marathon! Prayers to all running and racing this weekend. Don’t forget what a gift running is!!


PPS-And a HUGE SHOUTOUT to my friends at ENERGYBits. I’m swearing by their RECOVERYBits as to how I got well so quickly. Look forward to a full review and giveaway next week!! Go ahead and check them out of TwitterI and tell them @jessflyingfeet sent you!

How do you stay fit during the holidays? Do you struggle with holiday weight gain? Do you cut back on running in the winter months? Are you racing this weekend?

Blessed and Beautiful Running.


19 thoughts on “Friday Five : 5 Ways to Avoid Holiday Plumpsies

  1. Have fun and good luck in your marathon!
    I love the holidays and used to struggle so much with over-indulging on all the sweets and good food. The problem with that is then you feel more lethargic and don’t want to exercise as much (it’s a cycle for me ugh). I’m much better about eating in general now because I’m more in tune with my body and know that when I eat certain things (or too much of something) I feel horrible and at this point, I’d rather not feel that way especially during the holidays!

  2. Found your post through Friday Five. The holidays are about moderation not deprivation! I’m also a COFFEE ADDICT and hater of pickles (and fellow southern gal). Good luck on your marathon!!!

  3. Great list… I start every day with a nice mug of hot green tea πŸ™‚ After two years in sunny SoCal, I hope to NOT hibernate this winter! My running buddy recently moved from Phoenix, so we’re in the same boat, yipes! Hope you feel even better tomorrow. Good Luck!

  4. These are all very good tips! I switch the hot tea with water (not a tea fan), but other than that I follow all of those tips, and encourage my clients to do the same!

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