#MotivationalMonday Kara and NYC

“I’m really sensitive so it hurts,” Goucher said, wiping away more tears. “I know I am in great shape and can do great things. It’s like, ‘Well that sucked.’ I’ve worked really hard and have a lot of people behind me and I’m like, ‘That’s what it was?’ But that’s what it was. It just wasn’t great. It was really sucky, actually.” Kara Goucher source

Even the elites have their not so good days and races. I felt for Kara. Bad. It is refreshing to see an elite be real. She bleeds, sweats, and cries just like us. She is an inspiration. A fighter. An encourager.
She holds the true spirit of a marathoner.
I’m not sure I could handle the pressure of having sponsors and fans count on me. What if I fell flat on my face? It happens. But you get back up and dust it off. And people will respect you all the more. To see that you’re human and not impermeable is an encouragement to the rest of the everyday running class.
Keep running strong Kara! I’m rooting for you!

Do you follow certain elites? Who are you a fan of?

Blessed and beautiful running.


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