#FridayFive Gratitude and Moving Day!!

As per the sometimes usual, I’m joining in Run, Eat, Pray DC‘s Friday Five fun. Along with Mar On the Run and You Signed Up for What?! For more info on the link-up click HERE. Be sure to check out all the other great bloggers linking up.

***I realize this is Saturday but yesterday was simply too busy to blog.

This post will be super short as I need to get in an eight mile run, clean house, pack, and move. Yup, you heard me right. The new hubs and I finally found a place that we can call our own! The home is still close to town and little D’s school so it’s perfect! It’s going to be a busy weekend so onto what I’m grateful for!

1.) My husband and son. Of course.


2.) God’s grace and unconditional love. The strength He gives us daily.


3.) Running with a strong body. Especially marathons!!


4.) Family and friends!

5.) Food in my belly. I love food.

Do you love or hate moving? What are you grateful for?!

Blessed and Beautiful Running!!

Turkey Trot 5k, a PR, and Choosing Joy

First and foremost, HAPPY THANKSGIVING! This post will be super short as I have, ahem, eating to partake in!
Second, PLEASE forgive me as per usual I stink at getting adequate photos to properly document the foot racing festivities. I’m just usually really focused and like to take scene all in.
So this was a last minute race. My friend and fellow SMART girl leader, invited me to go run the Hendersonville Turkey Trot with her and how can I deny a race?!
Since there was no race-day registration we didn’t get a cool turkey tee but they did give us a number and some pins and let us race for free. Super cool Hendo, thanks!

The sky before we headed out to Hendersonville was a bright pink, my favorite color! I knew it’d be a great run.

So we get there, took our potty breaks, and then jogged a few miles to warm up around downtown of Hendo. That was super cool because I’ve yet to run their streets. Beautiful area! Then we needed a pre race start selfie. Because we are running rockstars.

IMG_2417.JPG Mrs A is cool in blue and I’m the nerd in pink. Run pink Jess! Pink is my superpower. No joke.

So the race itself was well organized and there was a pretty nice turnout. We had no trouble locating the start. Lots of kiddos, dogs, people dressed up like forks, knives, and turkeys. I never dress up. I’m a totally boring runner.

So deets

Time: 8:30 I don’t think I’ve ever started a race at this time but it worked well.

Weather: 37ish*F I think? Partly cloudy, cool, and mild winds. Not bad at all.

Pre-race: Woke up after the third snooze button around 5:58 am had a cup of coffee, then a glass of NUUN (listen–I swear by this stuff!), ate half a blueberry bagel, showered (showering helps me wake up–I know I’ll be stank shortly so it seems counterproductive but it’s not), did my thing then drove to meet Mrs A at the college. We left in plenty of time to get

Course: Started uphill, finished downhill. Nice! Rolling hills throughout with plenty of downhill.
Nice course through Hendo. Running around the graveyard was a bit of a creeper…That’d be cool for a Halloween course though!

Swag: Sorry don’t know. Read above as to why. Ha! But people appeared to have black goody bags with a cool tee.

Refreshments: Looked like coffee, water, bananas. But as polite bandit little runners we did not partake.

Time: There was a clock but no official time chips. This race was meant to be family friendly, open to all ages and levels. I think that’s super cool. But y’all know I had my Garmin!!

My time according to Garmin:
21:47 Yes, this a PR! By about 45 seconds.
I was going into this run with the intent to just run for fun. But then me legs said…”ohhh girl, we are feeling so good you got to run faster!”
Yes. My legs totally talk to me.
This. Is. Exciting. Because, I’ve not been training or running hard. Just running for the fun of it when I can. So this time tells me that I’m capable if a super fast 5k.
2015 will be the year!!
As you can see below a sub-22 minute 5k was on my 2015 goal list…so I’m not sure how it happened today but I’ll take it! Probably part downhill finish and Mrs A cheering me on to the finish…yeah, that was a super boost! Looks like I’ll be aiming for a sub 21 next year.

Here’s our happy post race pic. I look like I’m about to cry (sheer happiness over a PR) but I was really trying not to laugh, I swear!

Getting to run with friends is one of the very special things in life. I just absolutely love Mrs A. BRF are those you can be totally YOU with. And I love that. It nourishes the soul like a spring rain. Except it turned out to be flurrying outside!
Of course Mrs A smoked me running a 19 something crazy fast, but she’s my inspiration. I’ll just keep chasing her and maybe one day I’ll hit a sub-20 5k too.
Hitting PRs make me happy, but having friends and family that truly love, encourage, and inspire–and that I can give right back–gives me PURE JOY.
Running also saved my life from depression, giving up, and feeling worthless–and gave my heart joy.
This body is a gift. God gave us an incredible tool to move with.
So today, I chose JOY. And I’m on a mission to challenge more girls to find that same impermeable confidence and unstoppable joy.

Did you do any turkey trotting today, official race or on your own? Do you chose joy?


“…Give thanks to Him and praise His name!”
Psalm 100:4

Blessed and Beautiful Running.

Wisdom Wednesday: Keep The Passion Alive

You do what you do because there’s a passion deep inside you. Somedays we doubt why or if we can do what we crave. The good Lord wouldn’t have placed certain passions in our hearts if we weren’t meant to use those gifts and talents. Take heart.
When you find yourself weak, remember where your strength comes from and don’t lose hope.
Press on. Live to make a difference. Breathe in peace and exhale hope. Chase your passions relentlessly and without hesitation. Know that the fire inside you is there for a very specific reason and purpose.
Do not let the ugly side of this world bring you down or sway you into thinking your dreams are too far fetched or nonsensical. You tell show them what you’re made of. The world’s wisdom isn’t like what The Lord imparts on us. His is greater and incredibly great. Beyond human comprehension.

Go get ’em tiger.

What’s your passion or calling in life? Do you feel you have one? What do you do when the passion wavers or you feel uninspired to carry on?

Blessed and Beautiful Running.

Tips & Tricks Tuesday: #SmallVictories

Since linking up with Fitness Cheerleader and Running Rachel yesterday for #MotivateMe Mondays, my brain has really been working. The surest way to accomplish a goal is to first have a goal and second set steps to accomplish said goal(s).
However, sometimes we get so caught up in the daunting task that is our big goal we take our eyes off the prize and begin to focus on the daily struggles. So for today’s edition of Tips & Tricks I’m going to suggest celebrating the small victories in life. For example, last night when the ever-so-sweet Mr. P offered to scoop me some vanilla ice cream with a warm slice of pumpkin pie, I chose instead to politely decline and make myself a cup of hot peppermint tea. WHAT?!  I’ve said it before, tea helps curb appetite!

If that’s not a victory my friends, I sure as heck can’t tell you what is!!

So share with me one small victory you’ve had lately. Use #SmallVictories on social media like Twitter, Facebook and spread the victorious word–that YES, we are capable of setting goals, sticking to it, and ultimately crushing our missions in life.

Even if we have setbacks, in which we all will from time to time, by celebrating each small victory we are reminding ourselves that it’s okay…we still got this! Each small victory leads us to the greater cause!

What’s your small victory today?
Do you find yourself discouraged when goals aren’t met or you slip up?

Blessed & Beautiful Running.

#MotivateMe Mondays

I decided to jump on the #MotivateMe bandwagon created by Janice at Fitness Cheerleader because it seemed like the perfect way to help not only me stay motivated to reach  my big BQ goal in 2015, but also the perfect avenue to help motivate YOU too. This site was designed after all to inspire my little corner of the world.

Janice talks about taking that first small step to achieving your bigger goals.

She asks, if you had 30 seconds right now to move toward your goal what would that involve? For me, it’s putting my goals into writing. Then she talks about accountability.  I plan on recapping goals, training plans, and what my running weeks actually look like.  I’m not the best at keeping up with food blogging so maybe just expect mile recaps from me. Everyone’s goal(s) are different. Yours might be food, fitness, school, or something totally different. The key is CONNECTING, encouraging one another, and staying accountable.

If you are excited and ready to tackle big goals for 2015 or just need some accountability to keep the holiday weight gain in-check,  head on over to Fitness Cheerleader and sign on. I will keep my #MotivateMe posts happening every Monday.

Here’s the Rules from Fitness Cheerleader

The rules are very simple:

  1. Every Monday share your fitness, nutrition plan etc by linking them up.  All you will need is your post’s URL, and a photo you would like to attach.
  2. Posts that aren’t related will be deleted.
  3. In your post, please mention that you’re participating in #MotivateMe Monday link up, and link back to the hosts, Janice – Fitness Cheerleader at FitnessCheerleader.com, & Running Rachel at RunningRachel.com.
  4. Read what the other linkers, are sharing.  Visit at least 2 other bloggers’ posts and share some support by commenting and engaging with each other.  The more you support, the more support you will get back.

So let’s do this…One small step at a time.

Baby step #1… write specific, challenging yet attainable goals down.

My BIG goals:

1.) Pray more often to stay in tune with The Lord and pray before EVERY workout. My prayer life has been waning… And it shows in my attitude.

2.) Qualify for Boston by running a 3:35:00 marathon in April 2015

My biggest running goal for the year 2015 is to finally qualify for Boston. I tried last year, but if you’ve been following my blog for some time then you know I recently got married and had an amazing honeymoon and kind of forgot about training… I did however complete my third marathon….but it wasn’t pretty.
So here I am, all happily married, and so ready to rock out my BIG goal. The intended marathon date is April 25, 2015 in Nashville TN with the Country Music Rock ‘n’ Roll St Jude’s marathon.
I did sign up as a St. Jude’s hero so I can help raise funds for the hospital and children in need. No child or parent ever has to worry about treatment there. It’s the best cause I can think of to give to. Find my donation page HERE.

Small goals to get there:

Rest of Nov/Dec: build weekly base mileage up through simply running often.

Nov 17-23: 15-20 (miles) check! (19 miles actual)
Nov 24-30: 20-25
Dec 1-7: 25-30
Dec 8-14: 30-35
Dec 15-21: 35-40
Dec 22-29: 40-45
Dec 30-Jan 4: 45-50

Jan 5: Begin marathon training! I’ll probably go with the advanced Runner’s World 16 week training plan. I think I’ve had enough RLRF.

So for this week Nov 24-30:

Monday: XT/weights

Tuesday: easy 5 miles

Wednesday: 6 miles hills am yoga pm

Thursday: easy 3 miles

Friday: rest yoga

Saturday: 8 miles

Sunday: easy 3 miles

Total goal miles: 25

I’ll check in next Monday to see how my planned workouts actually came together.

I have more detailed goals in mind but as the weeks progress I’ll delve into those more.

So it’s YOUR turn! Do you have any goals for December and the new year? Do you break your bigger goals down into smaller goals and work your way up?

Blessed & Beautiful Running.