Boo! I Got A Treat! Starts With A ‘M’

It’s true. I’m not a fan of Halloween. Everyone else is all ‘candy, costumes, and parrrrrrtay’ and I’m over here like is it Christmas yet?! I was going to participate in Eat, Pray, Run DC’s Friday Five Halloween Edition but I couldn’t list five things I like about the spooktacular holiday. I’ve really enjoyed some of the past Friday Fives like, Fitness Favorites. She’s an incredible blogger! I vow to post regularly one day like her. I need to find my own routine for weekly posts. Now that I have a little more time I can really start brainstorming on some ideas. What do you guys like to read? Regular ‘theme’ day posts? Running and racing reports? Let me know!
So as far as trick or treats this woman got a herself a treat.

New running kicks!!! (And too many Reece’s cups… Time to break these shoes in for real.) Mizuno Wave Rider 17. Love Mizuno shoes. They’re the only shoe I run in faithfully. I’ve tried Brooks, Nike, New Balance but always go back with Mizuno. I found these on sale as they are the ‘older’ molder. I don’t need the newest color or model. A lot of time the newer models are simply slightly changed anyway. Seems smart to buy last year’s model. They seem to fit very similar to my Wave Inspires. The Riders are a good neutral training shoe with just enough, minimal cushioning. I’ll have a week to break them in good before the marathon. One week until the big Savanna R n’ R 26.2. Woot!! Feels so good to have running goals again and to be able to spend money on fun stuff again instead of wedding.
Thank you Lord.
Nothing like a new pair of shoes to get you pumped up again.
I already can’t wait until 2015. It’s going to be the best year yet. I’ve got that good feeling deep in my bones.

What’s your favorite piece of running gear to purchase? Shoes for me! What brand do you faithfully run in? For those of you who blog, do you participate in themed weekday posts?

Blessed & Beautiful Running!

Getting Back Into the Stride Of Things. Rechecking Goals. No BQ This Year.

Wowza!! It’s been over a MONTH of zero blogging and going on two WEEKS of zero running.
Getting through this wedding adventure sure took a greater toll of time than I anticipated, especially the weeks leading up to the big day. It was like a second full time job! You definitely learn who truly loves you during wedding planning. We had SO many amazing people step up and help.
Here’s a sneak peek at our wedding day:

Be sure to ‘LIKE’ Jenna Leigh Photography for more shots. She’s an amazing photographer (and friend!). If you’re in the NC area check her out for family, wedding, babies photos.
After all that mess we flew away to Antigua for our honeymoon. It was nothing short of amazing. In my mind it was the like the original Garden of Eden. Breathtaking and stunning.
Check out this view from the plane on the way to our honeymoon:

For those of you who hit speed bumps in life, be it good or bad, and are still able to maintain a solid running routine I salute you.
I missed my routine and am super pumped about getting back into gear, but I don’t regret one ounce of our wedding and honeymoon crazy, busy time.
However, with running I feel like I’m back to the beginning. They say it takes about two weeks to lose serious fitness gains…
Therefore, I’m reevaluating my marathon goal because, quite bluntly, I’m seriously undertrained. The first thing I did after the honeymoon? Took my butt to the gym! Too many chocolate cake slices and fruity beverages in Antigua… Mmm.
The first eight weeks of training were spot on all target times, distances, and paces….then life got stupid busy with wedding, moving homes, merging cats, and with all my other normal duties I.E. kid and work.
So for now I have to say goodbye to my BQ goal and focus on simply finishing the 26.2 miles by foot and not dying. I’m just thinking realistically. I didn’t put in the quality training during the second half of marathon training to acquire a BQ race qualifying time. You can not not train for a race distance of that magnitude and expect glorious results. I’ll probably be hurting some kind of serious way on November 8th!
Not dying is as good a goal as any I suppose.
I’m keeping this post super short and sweet. Just enough to let y’all know I’m back from the land of the wedding zombie and honeymoon bliss.
So what’s on the agenda for now?Running (walking…crawling…whatever it takes) marathon #3 and gearing up for a spring race. I haven’t decided which one yet. I get to decide with a husband now! Any awesome race suggestions close to the NC area? I also have a review coming up on RECOVERYBits. If you’ve heard of ENERGYBits then you’ll probably like these as well. More on that in the up coming weeks.


Looking forward to blogging and running more!

So I want to know what’s on your goal plate? Have you ever had a serious setback in training or running where you had to rearrange your goal plate? Are you able to maintain running routine when life gets busy?

Blessed & Beautiful Running!