Thoughts for Thursday: Be Patient With Me…

Hello all! I know my blogging has been a bit of a hit and miss lately, but the closer we get to wedding day the busier life is getting.

37 days!!!!

House hunting.
Vow writing.

Favor making.
Thank you card writing.
Vendor appointments.
Etc….you catch my drift.

I’m loving Eat, Pray, Run DC’s Wedding Wednesday posts too! Perfect timing.
But I want you all to know that I won’t be too far gone for too long. Rest assure I’ll be back in full swing after October! Plus, I’ll have a marathon to run in November so LOTS of cool things to blog about. I also plan on getting back to studying for the NASM personal trainer cert. Had to place that on the back burner because simply put, I loaded my plate way too full.
My eyes are always hungrier than my stomach.


But that’s the beautiful thing about marriage. With the right somebody you can accomplish so much more together as a team than on your own.
Transitioning from single mother minded to getting married minded hasn’t been easy. You’d think all my dreams have come true so life must be pure bliss 24/7 right?! There’s so much more to it than what I realized. There’s many inner demons (self doubt, worry, fear, past pains and rejections, fiercely independent, selfish single ways…) that I had to overcome and still many things I’m working on.
We are all a work in progress, no?

At any rate. I say all this to say, please be patient with me during this busy time until I can resume blogging
regularly. I have some great plans for sprucing up this site.

I also have a blog post coming up soon , per request, about how I got into running. If there’s any questions you have for me let me know! I’d be happy to answer any questions in an upcoming post.

blessed & beautiful running.



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