Tempo Tuesday: FOCUS. Rawr!

How to re-FOCUS:

Forgive yourself
Overcome the self doubt
Count your blessings
Understand your hang ups
Stride on

IMG_2016.JPG This is my game face. Focused. Ready to get my rawr on!
I’m re-focusing my mind today. The past two weeks as far as training has gone, I’ve been mediocre at best. But as I stated in a previous post: I’m only human.
However, it’s time to stop dwelling on the runs I’ve not gotten in and training not accomplished thus far. I’ve given myself the slack needed and now it’s time to focus on what I have accomplished and get after some more. I’m ready to get up, dust it off, and #getafterit. Back on track so to speak. The best way I’ve found to get back on track is:

• Remember why you’re doing what you’re doing. Maybe even write that down.

• Set small, daily achievable goals. Write those down too. Or blog it down. 😉

• Find an accountability partner.

• Think on how you will feel post accomplishment or training session.

• Get after it!

Here’s my goal training week:

Monday: rest – check. Always an easy one to accomplish. 😉

Tuesday: tempo 6 miles – check.

Wednesday: easy 5, yoga class

Thursday: speed work 7 miles total

Friday: strength train/XT

Saturday: easy 5

Sunday: 18 miles

Total mileage: 41 miles

Your turn! How’s your weekly mileage? Hit any “speedbump” in training? Do you allow yourself any slack? How do you refocus?

blessed & beautiful running.


3 thoughts on “Tempo Tuesday: FOCUS. Rawr!

  1. I do allow myself some slack when it comes to following my training plan. I think I would hate running if I always did what my plan said and I would be exhausted! Some days your body just needs rest more than it needs to put in a few extra miles!

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