Friday Five: Fall Preview. And it’s a BUSY One!

I’m sticking with the Friday Five Link-up with Mar at Mar On The Run, Courtney Eat, Pray, Run DC, and Cynthia at You Signed Up For What?! I’ve enjoyed getting to know these super-cool bloggers better! Find more info on their Link-Up click HERE!

So what’s in store for this fall? BUSY!! And if you’ve been following me for some time you probably already know some of these.

1.) I’m getting married this October!!

IMG_2031.JPGI love him.

2.) Honeymooning in Antigua! We need a vacation so bad we can’t hardly stand it!! We chose Antigua because it’s the the most romantic location according to Sandals. πŸ™‚ We also thought it’d be fun to get a passport! It’s been a new adventure for both of us planning this baby!

3.) Savanna Rock n’ Roll Marathon
This is the only race I have on my schedule. Albeit it’s a big one. I’ve decided to shoot for a BQ time with this marathon. I knew with the wedding planning that one race was enough and that I would need to pace myself accordingly. I’m really hoping to squeeze in more trail running this year too. Nothing quite like running through fall leaves.

4.) Moving. Fall is a season of change! And with this fall a LOT is changing. After we say “I do” I’ll be moving in with the Mr.! Yeah, I’m a bit nervous. If you’re married or living with yours, what was the biggest surprise for you after moving in? Both good and bad?

5.) Continue studying for NASM cert. I started studying back in early spring but it fell by the wayside due to wedding planning and marathon training. I’m totally okay with this because I can always get my personal trainer cert whenever I want. But this wedding and marathon is coming up soon!! After the busyness of fall subsides I’ll crack it back open.

What’s on your agenda this fall? Any races?

blessed & beautiful running.

9 thoughts on “Friday Five: Fall Preview. And it’s a BUSY One!

  1. i’m so excited for you — so many fun things. we didn’t live together until after the wedding and the biggest change was living w/someone who is way way way messier than i am. it’s an adjustment πŸ™‚

  2. So excited for you! Many good things are happening. We got married and honeymooned at the Sandals in Jamaica and LOVED it. If you can, get the butler service. Totally worth it!!

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