Wonder Mom Link-Up: Reasons Why I Exercise (Run)

So glad I came across This Mamma Runs For Cupcakes’s post for the Wonder Mom Link-Up since I’ve been wondering what to post today… I kinda did my whole “wisdom Wednesday” thing yesterday on foggy running…forgot yesterday was Tuesday. Doh. And I guess I only had enough wisdom for one day…
So here I am linking up today with the gracious hosts, Amanda from Mom Who Tris, Susan from Mom Swim Bike Run, and Sue from This Mamma Runs For Cupcakes. Linking up is one of the best ways to meet new bloggers and share stories. It’s how I’ve discovered some great bloggers in the past! For a list of the rules and link-up topics click HERE. It’s never too late to join!
Soooooo…today’s topic is: Reasons Why I Exercise.

I had to make mine a bit more specific because I don’t necessarily exercise. That’s too hard. I just run. A LOT.
I do the occasional lifting of the weights thing, sometimes I’ll throw in a little core work, I’ve swam twice, and do the yoga thing on Wednesdays but really, nothing consistent.
So without further adu….

1.) Because. I can. My body is a capable, strong, kinda lean running machine. It’s a gift and a blessing to be able to run free. So I do.

2.) It clears the mind. Running helps me solve problems that have been tangled up inside my head.

3.) I get to explore the world from a vantage point most people miss when driving by. I’ve had the opportunity to explore the Outer Banks and my hometown, Oklahoma City, by foot for 26.2 miles. And of course nothing beats trail running and enjoying God’s creation.

4.) Running makes me strong from the inside out. Heart of a lion. It’s taught me perseverance, endurance, self motivation, and patience just to name a few things.

5.) Running gives me freedom from stress and a sense of peace. When I’m out on the road you can forget it. I’m gone.

6.) It’s a great way to give back. Every race I’ve ran the proceeds go to a charity I wholly support.

7.) I like medals. Yup. Just being real.


PS~ and #IRun4 my buddy. πŸ™‚
Your turn! Why do YOU exercise?

blessed & beautiful running.



14 thoughts on “Wonder Mom Link-Up: Reasons Why I Exercise (Run)

  1. I like medals too. What girl doesn’t love a little bling? I love that you wrote “running makes you strong from the inside out”. That rings so very true. Thanks for linking up with us this week. I look forward to following your blog.

  2. I started running because of a bad relationship and also because I sat at my new job all day. Now I run because I love the feeling of accomplishment after a good run and also because I’m addicted to buying cute running clothes πŸ™‚

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