The Wonderful, Horrible 20 Miler, Long Run Crankies, and a Reveal!!

It should be noted: 70* + stupid high humidity + zero shot bloks = some kinda run. Thankfully I had a stash of NUUN to take with me. It saved my life. So today’s run went something like this:

Miles 1-5: Oh, it’s a bit humid out here hmm but not too bad. I shall run for my #IRun4 buddy today! Let’s rock this twenty miler, yeah!

Miles: 5-7: I totally rocked that first loop! **checks watch** Ohhhhh boy went out too fast. I may regret this later.

Miles 7-9: okay, it’s getting really humid and its warming up a bit too uncomfortably … Almost halfway done…still feeling pretty good. Grabbed some more NUUN from my makeshift station. It was a hit and run. Got tired of looping. Let’s run through town.

Miles 9-10: oh look, a local 5k is happening!! Looks small but fun. Oh, look at their fun signs they have posted along the path. Hmm looks like an anti human trafficking event… And I’m totally dressed like a hoochie momma in my itty bitty shorts and sports bra…complete with a water bottle stuffed in my bra…awesome.

Mile 10: halfway. Awesome! Who cares if I look like a hooker out here! It’s HOT!

Miles 10-12: dear Heavenly Father I’m thirsty!!!!! I’m going to die of dehydration. **kicking myself for not refilling my ClifBar gel/Shot Blok stash up in the pantry. Maybe I should stop at mile 14… Yeah I’ll do that.

Mile 13: pit stop to refill water bottle at local store. I walked up in there sweaty and nasty, like what?? You never seen a sweaty chick before?

Miles 13-15: yes!!! Rehydrated! But still without fuel…ran out of my NUUN solution… Remembers stashing more NUUN back at CrossFit… Just make it back there and all will be good. I can’t quit now! Only 5 miles left. Plus I’d look like a loser after I posted ‘yay 20 miler tomorrow outside’ on Facebook yesterday. **curses facebook.**

Miles 15-17: Geeeez CrossFit is forever away. I’m dying a little on the inside now. Maybe I’ll stop at mile 18…

Miles 17-19.5: CROSSFIT NUUN!! third wind! Feeling hot but awesome! Almost done! Only three miles left!

Mile: 19.5-20.01: #*£?¥)@@$,,&,,?@&(:/$

Mile: 20.01: cloud 9! FINISHED!!!! Thank you sweet Jesus!!!
Everything is awesome. I think I’ll have a peach now. Yes.


Fast forward past lunch, keeping up with two kiddos (kid sitting the niece), a trip to Bi-Lo for Italian ice, and 4 hours later I feel like all the joy and happiness is gone! *Poof* just like that. Runner’s high crash and I NEED a nap and more food, like, yesterday.
Note to self and the rest of the world: do not call me. Text me. Look at me. Until I have napped. Because I’m a jerk.
This is a problem and must change. I realize.


But! On a super, happy, ridiculously positive note, I’m thrilled to announce they have chosen me, among so many other awesome girls, to be a…

Girls Gone Sporty Ambassador!

Girls Gone Sporty Ambassador

So what does this mean? It means I live a healthy, athletic, and inspiring life with the desire to encourage others to do the same.
It also means potential for fun product reviews and more giveaways for YOU! Hooray!
More details to come soon. I just found out so I’m in the process of filling out a few things and such.

Your Turn!! Do you ever find yourself with the post run crankies? How do you prevent this? Do you inner dialogue your runs too?! Favorite post run snack? What distance are you training for currently?

blessed & beautiful running!



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